With many companies enjoying the balance of remote and office working, we can now say with confidence that hybrid working is here to stay. To make hybrid working a success, teams need to be aligned and processes should be clear and easy to follow. BookingLive is the software solution you need to thrive under a hybrid model. 

Syncing calendars, effectively scheduling meetings, booking private rooms and hotdesking without any hiccups are some of the many things you can achieve with an online booking system. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why you should choose BookingLive to make your business succeed.


Sync staff calendars

Employees will plan out their day and view scheduled appointments on their Apple, Google or Outlook calendar. Yet they won’t be able to see co-workers’ agenda. Arranging group meetings can be tiresome as email strings are exchanged whilst members check their availability. With BookingLive, you can sync staff calendars so everyone is aware of each other’s availability. 

You’ll be able to view who is working in the office, who is at home, who is on holiday, and when all appointments are. Better still, there’s no limit on the number of calendars you can sync with our Enterprise solution, so companies of all sizes can take advantage of this feature. From large government departments to small business start ups, our online booking system can help.  


Check in to the office

In the wave of hybrid working, many companies have downsized their offices or stopped renting a permanent space altogether. Few employees have a regular desk space - hotdesking is the future. With limited capacity, it’s more important than ever to communicate who is coming into the office and when. 

Using BookingLive, employees can see how many desks are available on what day. They can book their place in the office, or if they decide to pop in for the afternoon at short notice, they can check in and the system will update in real-time. BookingLive displays live data which gives employees the flexibility to travel to the office with confidence that there will be a spare seat for them.


Set up virtual meetings

When working in a hybrid environment, it can be easy for communication to slip on the days employees work from home. Conversations can also get lost in translation when they’re carried out over messaging apps rather than a phone or video call. To make hybrid working a success, businesses need to promote collaboration by hosting regular virtual meetings. This will boost morale and well-being too. 

BookingLive is the only tool you need to schedule virtual meetings, from one-to-one catch-ups to company-wide calls. Using our Zoom integration, employees can find a time that suits all parties, then BookingLive will send a meeting invite with the Zoom link attached, and everyone’s calendar will automatically update so they can easily join the meeting. With everything automated for you, you save a large chunk of time on these tedious admin tasks and focus on the tasks that matter. 

If you have a recurring weekly meeting, BookingLive can take care of this too. Attendees can access the same meeting link from their calendar and receive reminders before the call so they don’t forget to show up.


Book meeting rooms 

Your office space will likely have limited rooms to hold private meetings, so faultless room booking is required. Mishaps like double bookings must be avoided, especially if you’re inviting clients or stakeholders to the office. 

With BookingLive, employees can view dates and times that the room is free and reserve their space. The booking system will send automated reminders 24 hours before the meeting so employees can cancel or reschedule their room reservation if required. This enables effective use of resources as other members of the team can jump on the cancelled slot and hold a meeting sooner than planned.


Manage resources

Whether it’s spare laptop chargers, monitors or keyboards, keeping track of business resources can be tricky when people are moving between the office and home. Working out who owns what can cause a headache for larger businesses, and equipment often gets misplaced.

BookingLive allows you to manage your inventory and be alerted when you’re running low on resources. The online booking system produces detailed reports so you can track popular days and times that equipment is being used in the office. These insights can help you adjust your hybrid working model - you may need employees to come into the office on different days to manage capacity for example.


BookingLive is secure

Whenever you introduce a new software or tool in your business, you need to know that it is secure and capable of handling sensitive information. Rest assured that BookingLive follows data protection guidelines and keeps details safe in the cloud. If you’d like more information on how we handle your data, get in touch. 


Get started with BookingLive

If you’d like to read how BookingLive has helped businesses grow, check out our small business client examples or download our ebook case studies with larger organisations. We also share the latest insights on how to get the most out of your booking system and more on our blog.

BookingLive will help your business thrive in a hybrid environment. We offer a solution for small businesses and our enterprise solution for larger organisations taking bookings at scale.

If you have any questions, feel free to call 0800 1310 342 or email sales@bookinglive.com. We also offer demos of the system so you can see its full potential.