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5 Ways Online Booking & Scheduling Will Improve Your Customer Experience

May 27, 2021

 Improve Your Customer Experience With These 5 Online Booking & Scheduling Tips


The customer is the lifeblood of any business. Your livelihood depends on their contentment and how you sustain positive relationships with existing personnel, whilst also seeking fruitful avenues to entice new faces through your doors.


Online reservation software has now incredibly been in existence for 75 years. American Airlines were the first company to take flight in this market by developing a number of automated airline booking systems known as Reservisor. As time has passed and technology has evolved, so has the intelligence, customer interaction and wealth of available options that will help make your business flourish.


Set boundaries


The internet age revolves around expediency and simplicity. People want to be able to carry out day-to-day tasks quickly and efficiently without having to take time out of their day to make a phone call and be put on hold.


Online appointment booking systems are entirely automated and require little to no effort from users which explains why we have seen such a dramatic change in the last decade of how we schedule appointments, events and other activities.

Even if you feel that your business can continue to survive through traditional booking methods of customers phoning in or walk-ins, the modern consumer is far more likely to abandon conventional methods in return for online booking platforms.


At BookingLive we recognise the many advantages that an online booking system can bring to your customer and have highlighted some of these key benefits below that will ultimately enhance your business.


5 Tips For Improving CX

  1. Convenience
  2. Comparison
  3. Mobile friendly
  4. Store and share booking information
  5. Complete control



1. Convenience

In simple terms, online booking software allows your customers to book without the hassle. Telephone-based booking systems are dependent on a two-way street where a receptionist or other member of staff needs to be present to take the inbound call and then a conversation to agree on a specific appointment date/time to suit the customer.
This all takes time and, in some cases can even take staff away from other responsibilities and negatively impact customer service. Online booking journeys also invite users to seize control and enter their own data into the system, removing the possibility of workforce error.
Customers covet the instant viewing of service availability, and if necessary being able to make the reservation and/or payment in a matter of clicks. An online booking system gives your customers access to make appointments at any time of day or night, without having to frantically ring you on their lunch hour or squeeze in a call during business hours.
By streamlining the booking procedure for your customers, you are removing complications associated with ‘dated’ booking methods, whilst boosting sales and ‘impulse’ purchases.

2. Comparison 

Customers rarely book anything without doing their research properly. From flights to sports pitches and restaurants, customers will often delve deep into a wide range of factors such as prices, availability, reviews and details about what the booking may include. This process is far easier from the navigable world of the internet where you can open countless tabs and compare information side by side, on a single web page.

Once again, this is far less time-consuming and problematic than the alternatives of walking from one business to another or phoning round different companies and scribbling down notes. It’s a procedure that is littered with shortcomings and also brings added stress to make a decision ‘on the spot’.
Customers want to feel free to make rational choices without the pressure of another person sat on the other side of a desk behind a computer or on the other end of the phone. By making them feel in control of the purchase, they will be far more confident (and likely) to go ahead with the booking.


3. Mobile friendly 

The sight of mobile phones in all aspects of everyday living has become so familiar that it is difficult to remember a time when we didn’t rely on them. In 2020, the average mobile phone user spent 4 hours and 20 minutes a day on their device.
That is a quarter of their waking time for you to capture their attention. It is also compelling evidence that you are likely to be missing out on potential clients and revenue if you don’t bring a mobile-friendly appointment system into play.
This is why our booking software isn’t just accessible across multiple devices – it is also mobile friendly for your customers to. Customers crave an online experience that is seamless and easy-to use no matter where they are. Whether they are sat on a train, making a coffee during a screen break or waiting to be seen by the dentist, implementing a fully functioning mobile site is essential for any business.
Website not currently mobile-friendly? Don’t worry. At Bookinglive we offer website design that enables your optimised booking system to smoothly integrate with an optimised website.
Value your mobile site as you would your desktop site and you will be rewarded with revenue and business return.


4. Store and share booking information 

Knowing that important information relating to their booking can be easily located and stored under one umbrella provides your customers with peace of mind prior to their appointment or service.
An online booking system online booking system delivers all the important details from automatic confirmations and reminders to important terms and conditions directly to their inbox where it can be accessed it anytime. This feature has become particularly pivotal since the COVID-19 outbreak as customers can be informed well in advance of your social distancing and infection control strategies.
With the world now dominated by the sharing of concepts, opinions, stories, videos and then some, an online booking platform allows your customer to share their experiences and bookings with whomever they desire. Many businesses rely on group bookings as customers look to share their time with friends and family, as well as professional colleagues and teammates.

Along with facilitating more awareness and driving more sales to your business, our industry- leading software allows customers to automatically add the appointment into their calendar and ease the process of booking in pairs or large numbers.


5. Complete control 

Put the power of booking appointments and activities in the hands of your customers. Research has revealed that the more steps between your customer and their purchase, the less likely they are to go through with it.
By giving them the ability to manage their own booking experience, you will alleviate many issues for present and potential customers.
Check out our scheduling app to find out how we can make bookings easy for you and your customer – BookingLive System Introduction.