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Improving Your Staff Experience With XRM Technology

September 28, 2021

Improving Your Staff Experience With XRM Technology


The “X” in XRM screams endless possibilities. It shows that imagination has no limits when managing business relationships, assets and processes. Most of us will be accustomed to a CRM strategy (Customer Relationship Management). XRM technology extends far beyond happy customers and streamlining your existing methods to improve sales.


What is an XRM solution?


Experiential relationship management (XRM) is about investing in a platform that has the capability to manage any relationship, process or data within your organisation. From customers and employees to suppliers and partners, XRM provides you with a 360-degree outlook of your day-to-day operations to make interactions and outcomes as effective as possible.


XRM allows the user to focus on a specific business entity


As XRM allows the user to focus on a specific business entity, it allows businesses to drive value to the experiences they provide.


Simon Sinek, author of the leadership analysis book Start With Why argues that “customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” Exceptional customer service is connected to an outstanding employee experience. An XRM platform gives staff the tools to deliver a personalised service with customers at the forefront.


No matter the size of your business, XRM is fully scalable. It benefits workforce numbers at either end of the spectrum. There is nothing more powerful than a passionate group of employees. However, do they have the technology to do their job to the best of their ability and beyond? Let’s delve a little deeper in XRM and see how implementing an XRM strategy can help boost your staff productivity.


In this article we will be covering the following benefits of XRM technology solutions: 


  • Increased Workforce Engagement
  • Managing Customer Flow & Expectations
  • Effective Communication Between Departments
  • XRM Strategy Increases Commitment & Revenue



Increased Workforce Engagement


Satisfied employees create better customer experiences. Customer-centricity should remain at the heart of every business. By giving your staff access to customer data through XRM technology they can transform a run-of-the-mill exchange into something bespoke.


Increased Workforce Engagement


XRM technology won’t just give your staff an insight into information such as previous bookings placed, communications history and a client’s loyalty status. They could also benefit from seeing their own performance scores. They can then work towards specialising in a particular area where they score highly to help shore up gaps in the sales funnel.


Building healthy employee habits through data management and analytics puts your team in control of one-to-one encounters with customers. By connecting with customers on a profound level from the get-go, staff can tailor their approach to the client’s wants and needs.

A passionate employee will positively influence your customers. This will also feed into your workforce. We are creatures of perception. If your staff members give off a stench of disinterest, it shows. This may start rubbing off on engaged employees and stifle your innovation and output. 


Managing Customer Flow & Expectations


Online booking reflects the technological mindset of the modern consumer. In particular, it reflects the evolving nature of customer expectations. As a world-leading online booking scheduling solution, BookingLive supports digital transformation agendas with our platform including queue management, secure payment facilities and event management to provide the best possible user journey.


Increased Workforce Engagement


But how does this benefit your staff? The most obvious advantage is that by handling bookings through an XRM platform, your workforce is no longer bound to a reception desk to complete an appointment over the phone. This will save you time and money. Staff are not required for any part of the process, even the payment.  This leaves them to focus on other tasks and deal with other customer queries outside of making appointments.


service automation reduces the
BookingLive’s online booking scheduling and appointment automation system.


Service automation lessens the stress on employees to manage their time. There’s also little need to learn multiple systems as all of the data is brought together. Employees will also be able to oversee their digital diaries in real-time to contend with busy periods. Bookings smoothly siphon from the online form directly into diaries.


An XRM system gives staff that precious extra amount of time to deliver the best service possible. By making life as easy as possible for your staff, you can ensure they stay dedicated to what matters most – meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations.


Effective Communication Between Departments


There is a fine line between success and failure. This is often down to how well your team interacts internally. Tools such as Slack and Zoho CRM have become standard collaboration tools in modern workplaces, making working together easier. 


Effective Communication Between Departments


An XRM system can help manage the internal relationship of your business to drive greater profit and success. From connecting inextricably linked departments (for e.g., marketing and sales) to delegating tasks to specialists, staff can share information. In turn, this creates outstanding experiences for customers.


An XRM framework frees up time for staff by automating repetitive tasks. Colleagues are able to bounce ideas off one other and nurture a culture of originality and creativity throughout the workforce. It encourages staff to become actively involved in the business, increasing their sense of emotional connection.


XRM framework frees up time for staff by automating repetitive tasks
BookingLive’s XRM online booking, scheduling and appointment system.


Keeping track of progress across different tasks is also easier. This is particularly true when staff are absent. All details are kept on the system and can be assigned to a member of staff that is skilled to maintain quality control.

With over 3000 business tools to pick from, BookingLive’s Zapier partner integrations allow your staff access to the same resources and able to make informed decisions that are driven by data that breeds when bookings are completed or updated. 


XRM Strategy Increases Commitment & Revenue


According to a study by Ultimate Software, 92% of employees say having technology that helps them do their job efficiently affects their work satisfaction

Rather than placing all your eggs in the sales basket, organisations are being encouraged to automate different aspects of their business. 


XRM Strategy Increases Commitment & Revenue


An XRM framework can be adapted for any business, process or data model. Boost your staff engagement and revenue by giving them access to data that improves the way they interact with customers and their colleagues on a personal level. 




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