What's in Version 3.66?

Bug Fixes 🐛

We've addressed various issues to ensure a smoother and more efficient booking process:

  1. Bug: Fix Small update to de-duplicate existing related members.

  2. Bug: Fix Cron Job Exception.

  3. Bug: Fix Participants Edit Profile failing validation.

  4. Bug: Fix The order of the events in the confirmation email is wrong. Should now be in Event date order.

  5. Bug: Fix Displaying a newly created Product when "System Takes Payment" is off Fails.

  6. Bug: Fix Adding new template item throws Notice.

  7. Bug: Fix Adding custom JavaScript code on before page end.

  8. Bug: Fix Able to make overbooking when using repeat booking option in product availability Part 2.

  9. Bug: Fix Editing availability item swaps "Added by" name.

  10. Bug: Fix Notice thrown in reports.

  11. Bug: Fix Revert back changes on event filters that caused problems in 3.65.2

  12. Bug: Fix Able to redeem a voucher that is cancelled.

  13. Bug: Fix over booking issue introduced in 309.

  14. Bug: Fix Under some circumstances editing order could remove pending participants.

  15. Bug: Fix Issues when payment is cancelled on the payment gateway.


Usability Enhancements 🚀

We're committed to making your experience more user-friendly:

  1. Enhancement: Refactor pricing scheme and Resource calculation. Gives significant speed improvement.

  2. Enhancement: Products with Status "off" are showing on event create screen.

  3. Enhancement: Update default system setup to be able to edit order item Event and Participant.

  4. Enhancement: Admin > Settings > Products > Actions > Update Product Pricing Display is not easy to read, this has been updated.

  5. Enhancement: Admin > Products > Product > Product Pricing Booking Form dropdown should be hidden; this functionality is now in the pricing scheme.

  6. Update: Settings>Events>Actions Create Events Multi Events Product dropdown.

  7. Update: Events Group Op assign staff.

  8. Update: Add Product Group Filter to Attendees Report.