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BookingLive Named a GetApp Online Booking Category Leader

October 19, 2017

Here at BookingLive, we’re understandably proud of what we’ve achieved with our industry-leading online booking platform. Powering the likes of Cycling Gems, some Councils and even the NHS, BookingLive has become an indispensable tool for big and small businesses.

Most importantly, we’ve never stopped growing and enhancing the features in our software and adjusting to the needs of our clients along the way.

It’s for that reason, and more, why our clients simply love BookingLive, but it’s not just our clients who are fans.

GetApp has named BookingLive as a Reservation & Online Booking Category Leader for Q4 2017, you can view all the Category Leader rankings on their website. These rankings showcase the top cloud-based business apps for 37 different product categories, including reservation & online booking, accounting, project management, and marketing.

Their Category Leaders programme is designed to help anyone, whether they’re a first-time software buyer or a business looking to switch from one product to another, get the right software for their business.

To do so, they utilise a five-factor scoring system, with each factor worth a maximum of twenty points, for a total score out of 100. Those factors are:

  • User Reviews – Derived from the number, average rating and recency of reviews
  • Integrations – Based on the native integrations listed on GetApp, the API availability and Zapier integration.
  • Mobile – The availability and rating of any mobile apps for the platform, as well as how responsive those apps may be.
  • Media Presence – The number of followers on Twitter and likes on Facebook.
  • Security – Based on a security survey developed by GetApp, modelled on the Cloud Security Alliance self-assessment form.

It’s with these five factors that GetApp ensure that their rankings are completely independent of any commercial relationships so that customers can be sure that their recommendations are just that – recommended.

BookingLive scored highly for its glowing user reviews, raft of incredible integrations with the likes of SalesForce, Google Analytics, Groupon, MailChimp and so much more, brilliantly responsive mobile design and rock-solid security.

We’re delighted that GetApp has seen what so many of our customers have seen in our software, and we’re confident that you’ll feel the same way too. Book a free software demo today and learn how BookingLive can help give your business an online booking platform to be proud of.