What's in Version 3.65?

Bug Fixes 🐛

We've addressed various issues to ensure a smoother and more efficient booking process:

  1. ENT-297: Fixed the overbooking issue when using the repeat booking option in product availability.

  2. ENT-305: Events Group Op now correctly respects day of week filters.

  3. ENT-211: Resolved the creation of duplicate suggested participants.

  4. ENT-258: Room bookings can now be made until midnight as intended.

  5. ENT-265: Attendees report now returns translated Product Pricing Selected.

  6. ENT-260: Improved Season view performance.

  7. ENT-226: Confirmation Email now includes all location Email information.

  8. ENT-203: Fixed an issue with Product pricing when updating a Product's Pricing scheme and using Group Prices.

  9. ENT-269: Resolved occasional failures of SendscheduledMessages Cron.


Usability Enhancements 🚀

We're committed to making your experience more user-friendly:

  1. ENT-271: Introduced auto-scroll to extras or summary after selecting an Event.

  2. ENT-228: Added a setting to skip the Admin booking payment summary page for faster processing.

  3. ENT-224: Updated the banner appearance when logged in as an Admin.

  4. ENT-227: Removed references to payment in the Admin system if "System Takes Payments" is off.

  5. ENT-237: Eliminated the Orders>Order>Zonal Messages tab if Zonal is not enabled.

  6. ENT-264: Improved the clarity of price descriptions by making "From" a language string.


Additional Functionality 🌟

We've also introduced new features to enhance your BookingLive experience:

  1. ENT-222: Now, you can automatically notify purchasers on the waiting list if space becomes available, ensuring a seamless booking process.

  2. ENT-252: The API now allows you to pass participant details when adding order items for better customization.

  3. ENT-229: You will receive email alerts for any abandoned carts, enabling you to follow up with potential customers efficiently.