In your Online Booking System, you can filter customer and booking data in a number of ways to send targeted email marketing, allowing you to maintain and improve customer communications and relationships. Additionally through BookingLive, you can automatically subscribe your customers to your mailing list when enquiries and bookings are made.

How to configure your booking system

You can enter your mailchimp account details into the company information module. Please see the online user manual for further information:

You can also integrate your enquiry or contact form with mailchimp.

Mailchimp Booking System

Other email marketing tools

BookingLive also integrates with a number of other email marketing tools. For a full list, please view our third party integration page.

Did you know...

BookingLive is an excellent tool of reports and data mining. For example you could export data based on customers' location, what they bought and when they bought it. The data can be collected from either the booking process or enquiry forms. The data can be used to segment a targeted audience, design more effective marketing campaigns and inform customers know about any special offers within your booking system that are relevant to them.

If you already have an online booking system with BookingLive and need assistance, contact your account manager or support helpdesk.