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My BookingLife: Senior Sales Executive

September 13, 2021

My BookingLife: Robb Webb – Senior Sales Executive

My BookingLife - Senior Sales Executive Robb Webb

Robb Webb has recently celebrated 3 years working at BookingLive. He is nothing short of an online booking, appointment, reservation and scheduling expert. Having helped organisations with solutions as large as CAPITA, Microsoft, Dyson, BMW, local authorities nationwide, central government and a wide spectrum of enterprise-level organisations and SMBs, he is able to bring a unique perspective to digital challenges. He continues to provide value to businesses across 74+ countries.


If you want to understand what solutions are available in the market, if you want to better understand your organisation’s requirements, if you want an honest and trusted advocate for your business as you go through a procurement process – Robb is here to help. He will be one of the first people you speak to at BookingLive. Providing you with valuable experience, insight, weekly webinars, tailored system demonstrations and package building, he is here for you every step of the way ensuring you make the right decision for your organisation.


What was your first job?


“My first job was stacking shelves in a local super market over the Christmas period. I was so excited to have a job that I didn’t really understand what a temporary contract was. Needless to say, I was heartbroken when Christmas was over and they no longer needed me!”


What advice would you give someone looking to move into your role?


“Structure to your day is absolutely everything.”


What’s the most exciting part of your job?


“The clients. I know it sounds really cliché – but over time you become very protective of your clients. Seeing them succeed with a solution you helped them find is a pretty good feeling.”


What’s something you find challenging about your work?


“I think COVID hit everyone quite hard. At the start of 2020, we had just moved into a new office. To have that all taken away for such a long time was tough. One of my favourite things about working at BookingLive has always been the team around me, not just socially but also how we work.”


What made you want to work at BookingLive?


“When I interviewed I could tell instantly that the people here wanted to succeed. I’ve never been someone who wants to sit still for too long. BookingLive has been a place that’s constantly adapting and changing and above everything, growing.”


Tell us something about yourself that we won’t know.


“I take piano lessons… just don’t ask me to play anything – yet!”


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