Today, businesses of all sizes are adjusting to a new way of doing business – one that’s fundamentally different to what came before. We speak, of course, about the effect the internet has had on businesses of all shapes and sizes.

From the decline of the physical shop fronts to the rise of social media, the internet has enabled a new style of business to emerge and presented a number of challenges for existing businesses. With that said though, it’s never been easier for a business to make the jump to a web presence.

It can all start with an online booking system. An online booking system provider like BookingLive enables your business to take bookings and payments directly from your website, enabling a new era of 24/7 booking that simply wasn’t possible before.

Although our business booking system comes armed with dozens of class leading and innovative features, we’re going to limit ourselves and tell you about just 10 of our clients’ favourites.

Calendar Synchronisation

BookingLive systems allow you to sync your bookings with a Google Calendar, Outlook and iCal. This will ensure that every booking you take through our business booking software automatically updates your Calendars, helping to ensure that you don’t miss a thing. Couple that with the fact that you can appoint staff to specific tasks and events from inside BookingLive and you’ve got a complete management tool. This will help you keep on top of everything, whether they are personal appointments of business bookings.

e-Marketing Support

BookingLive boasts integrations with a number of the most successful and cost-effective marketing tools, like MailChimp. By incorporating MailChimp into your system you’re able to create, customise and send newsletters and promotional material to as many customers as you like.

This integration allows you to easily keep customers up to date whilst simultaneously increasing customer loyalty, retention and bookings. It’s just another way that BookingLive unifies and simplifies the job of running a business online.

Choose your Online Payment Providers

Security is at the very heart of many businesses and customers concerns, so BookingLive integrates with a variety of the most trusted online payment available gateways including Worldpay, Sagepay and Paypal.

There’s one for any business type, no matter what industry you are in. With a business booking system, you can provide customers with the options of part-payments, such as deposits, or full payments. Enabling customers to make payment at the time of booking saves staff time and reduces the likelihood of cancellations, offer superior peace of mind.

Send Automated Email and SMS Reminders

Any business that deals with bookings will tell you that the biggest factor in lost earnings is customers failing to turn up for their bookings. With BookingLive you’re able to send customers automated and customisable email and SMS confirmations and reminders.

This not only has the benefit of decreasing missed appointments but also increasing your interaction with customers and thereby increasing customer satisfaction. You can also easily send follow-up emails asking for feedback to help further your business. Find out how to set-up this feature here.

Sell Vouchers and Run Promotion

Attracting new customers and keeping existing customers happy is easy with BookingLive, thanks to our tremendous voucher and promotion support.

Our business booking software fully integrates with various well-known voucher and daily deal sites, BookingLive can significantly improve sales. Find out how to import codes from well-known sites such as Groupon, or create your own promotions to boost sales. Rewarding existing customers is a great way to ensure they come back and providing new customers with incentives will ensure your booking rates increase rapidly. This is a feature which all customers have access to and can be set up in minutes!

Promote your Brand through Social Media

Effective social media usage is the cornerstone of any successful online business in 2017, so we’ve built our business booking software with that fact in mind. Social media is one of the best ways for you to boost business by promoting those vouchers and promotions and attracting new customers. You can also link them directly to your online booking system, allowing them to book instantly. Coupled with the advanced targeting and advertising tools that modern social networks offer and you’ve got the potential for a dramatic increase in orders.

Export and Search Customer Data

Effortlessly export and search through data from your BookingLive system to further business analysis and performance. Export to marketing integrations such as MailChimp and financial accounts including Freshbooks.

Searchable booking transaction and purchase history make managing your bookings easy. These features also enable you to identify trends so you can tailor promotions, offers and marketing information to customers’ specific interests. Find out how to add this feature to your system here.

Create Your Own Website or Web page

BookingLive offers a built in CMS which will allow you to build and edit your booking system web pages. This will allow you to edit content and images, as well as letting you add in some styling to ensure that your system matched your website's branding. Some of the fantastic features you would have access to in out in built CMS is:

  • easily publish new content

  • edit and modify the booking details which display on your website

  • upload logos and images

  • revert back to old settings, for instance, once a promotion has ended you can revert back to previous price lists.

Utilise Reports and Tracking

Many online booking system providers help you track and understand your online performance, which is why BookingLive has rich analytic reports and develop your business strategy accordingly. Within these reports, you can analyse a range of features/aspects with your bookings e.g. how many people booked onto this product vs another product. Each report can be exported as CSV, emailed and printed.

Software Updates

Here at BookingLive, we believe that good booking systems for businesses are never finished, and that’s why we’re constantly developing new features for our booking software to meet our clients’ needs. Our development roadmap ensures your system is updated regularly to ensure you get the most out of your system.

We hope you apply at least one of these BookingLive features, but with over 50 compatible plug-ins there are plenty more ways you can augment your BookingLive experience. Explore our full list here or browse our price plans and start making the most of your Business Booking System today.

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