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Debit & Credit Card Surcharge Abolished

January 9, 2018

On Saturday 13th January a new law will be put in place, banning UK companies from being able to charge fees for credit or debit card payments. The law will cover both online and in-store payments for all UK companies that are currently selling to UK consumers. Local councils and the DVLA will also be scrapping the surcharge on any debit or credit card.


Surcharges will be abolished on the following payment methods:


When a sale is made and a customer has paid with a debit or credit card, the company will face a charge from their bank for processing the payment. Many companies cover this charge by passing it onto the customer or implementing a minimum spend on card payments.


As it currently stands, companies can only charge their customers the cost to process a debit or credit card transaction. The law clearly states that companies should not be getting a profit from this as they should only charge their customers once it costs them to process the payment.


It is predicted that many small businesses across the UK will enforce a minimum spend on card payments to help them cover the cost to process this transaction.


Removing the surcharge from your BookingLive system


Some payment gateways that we support apply a credit card charge by default and this cannot be adjusted in the BookingLive admin system. We have written updates to the following payment gateways which have this issue:

  • Capita SCP
  • Capita v7

Customers on these payment gateways who have requested this change have had their instances updated to not request a fee. Anyone else using these payment gateways with BookingLive should contact us to have their instance updated.
Otherwise, this change will be enforced on all customers using Capita SCP, and Capita v7 payment gateways with our v3.6 release which is due before the end of January.


If you are currently using a BookingLive OBS and have put a surcharge in place then we have a step-by-step guide to help you turn them off, just let us know if you need it.