According to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), SMEs make up nearly 50% of private sector employment and more than 99% of UK businesses. Around 1.1 million appointment-based UK businesses are spending a third of each week on admin tasks, such as managing appointments and answering telephone calls. Research shows up to 5 minutes are spent on the management of each individual booking, totalling around 20 million minutes each day across UK-based SMEs.

No shows, also known as missed appointments, equate to 40 million wasted minutes each day throughout the UK. Although small businesses are hit the hardest, larger businesses are also suffering, with the NHS losing approximately £700 million each year due to no shows.  It's no surprise that business and revenue generation is subsequently suffering due to this.

How to Prevent No Shows

Awareness events are in place to increase the support SMEs receive, such as Local Business Week which took place in May. But SMEs are still a long way off the success large businesses are having.

With the majority of SMEs only able to afford a small team of staff, it isn't possible to hire an individual such as a receptionist or PA to handle bookings and appointments. That's why the use of booking software platforms are on the rise.

Unnecessary costs and no shows can be eliminated by set monthly costs or one-off fees offered by booking software providers such as BookingLive. Online booking systems also come with a whole host of features, complete with tools which make it possible to manage bookings more efficiently.

Waiting List Features

Booking systems such as BookingLive software come with endless features, including the ability to set up waiting lists. With a waiting list, when your courses, classes and more get fully booked, both new and existing customers are able to book themselves on the the waiting list. If a customer then cancels their original booking, it can be filled to prevent you losing revenue and to prevent your customers from missing out.

Customer Profiles

With BookingLive, your customers are able to log in and edit their bookings from their computer, laptop or mobile device. By providing customers with the ability to manage their own bookings, they are able to cancel outside of business opening hours. This prevents no shows and increases customer satisfaction.

Automated Notifications

BookingLive software allows you to set notifications to send automatically. These can be sent whenever you like, whether that's an hour before, a day before, or a week before a booking is due to take place. Not only do these notifications take the form of email, but you can also send SMS messages. By keeping your customers informed and reminding them of upcoming bookings, you're guaranteed to prevent no shows.

Don't become part of a statistic, make sure your business isn't losing revenue from no shows by eliminating no shows altogether! To find out more about what BookingLive software has to offer, sign-up to a free online demo of the system.