Booking Software Cheat Sheet: Location Manager

It is now possible to manage multiple locations and products (which can be anything from swimming lessons to climbing courses), which don't have set events (i.e. scheduled dates and times). Our booking system location manager is perfect for businesses who have customers coming at going at non-set times. A prime example of this is swimming pools. Customers can turn up at any time during the swimming pool's opening hours and get to swim for a certain period e.g. one hour. The same system which manages this can then be applied across multiple locations.


Location Manager from the Customer Side

The image below demonstrates an example of what the booking system location manager looks like during the customer booking journey. This booking page is entirely customisable and in this instance has been developed to match Wacky Warehouse's branding. Customers simply select the date and time they wish to book a kid's party (their product), before adding any optional extras and going through to the checkout.


booking system location manager customer side Booking Software Cheat Sheet


Another example of the location manager from the customer side is Air Trail's high ropes courses. Air Trail run high ropes courses (their product) between 10:00 and 14:00 on certain dates. Their booking system booking page is shown below. Here booking periods are set as one hour, with 'bands' of twenty minutes. This band feature within the location manager is named so due to the coloured bands which are given out at the time of booking. To further illustrate this, Air Trail provide colour-coded bands to keep track of customers. For example the 10:00 session would be given a green band, the 10:20 session a blue band and so on, so forth.


booking system location manager customer side air trail


Setting up the Location Manager

  1. To set-up to location manager, first log-in to your BookingLive system

  2. Go to Settings > Products and click to green 'Add Product' button

  3. Set up your product as a 'Template Event' and complete all other relevant fields

Once you have created the Product and have clicked 'Save', you'll notice a new module in the left hand navigation bar titled 'Location Manager'. Click here for a snapshot view of each location's booking numbers.


Location Manager Admin

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