Improve your tour business with a tour specific online booking system!


If you are running a good tour business, chances are you get a lot of phone bookings for the different travel destinations and services that you offer. Using an online booking system however can improve your tour business.


Getting a lot of tour reservations is definitely a great thing for business. However, I am sure you have experienced instances wherein there are just too many reservations coming in all the time that you and your staff could not handle all of them at once. Not only is it hard on your part, but your clients can also be affected, as their reservations for your tours may take some time before they are confirmed. Worse, you might commit errors on finalizing the bookings, which can definitely frustrate your clients who will lose trust in your tour business.


To improve your tour business in bookings and reservations, you can implement online tour booking system which will make the process a lot easier for your clients and make your staff’s performance is a lot more efficient.

How can this online booking software improve your tour business?


Installing a tour booking system allows your clients to easily make a booking without the hassle. Clients no longer need to make phone calls or to wait for business hours in order to make a reservation for a trip. This system is automated, so a client can book a cruise even at the wee hours of the morning. Convenience is key.


With the proper modules, the software can also allow payments to be made online using professional online payment gateways. No need for bank deposits; the client simply needs to input a valid credit card number or use PayPal and all the expenses for the trip are paid. This is a convenience that clients will surely appreciate, and might actually be one of the reasons why a client will avail of your services again; all thanks to a practical tour online booking software.

Advertise Extras!


Our online booking software does not limit you to simple travel bookings or room reservations. It also allows you to display extra activities that your clients would like to do, as well as certain events that they would like to go to in the area. Maybe go fishing or horseback riding in between tour dates, or maybe go to a certain festival while the clients are passing through town. Displaying these events will not only make your clients happy as they can have more things to do on their vacation, but you as a business owner gets to reap benefits as well. These extras in your tour booking system will help you generate income that can really boost your business.


So if you are looking for a great way to improve your travel and tour business, installing our tour booking software at BookingLive is a professional way to achieve that goal. Not only does it make the process of bookings and reservation easy for both you and your clients, you can generate much needed extra income as well.


If you would like more information on how BookingLive could help you achieve this for your tour or activity business, please do get in touch on (0) 117 933 8632 , using our online contact form or via Twitter @BookingLive for an instant response! Look forward to hearing from you soon.