This month we chatted to Get Wet who talked us through how BookingLive has helped in the running of their activity business.

What do Get Wet do?

Get Wet are outdoor adventure providers based in North Wales. They offer activities such as paintballing, rafting and the highest high ropes course in the UK!

How Do BookingLive Help?

Here at BookingLive we set Get Wet up with a fully functional website which allows their users to easily navigate around booking pages, activity sections and more. Our BookingLive website has incorporated all of Get Wet's design wants and needs including their logo and images of their activities. Get Wet are able to log-in and edit their website accordingly so they can update any activity descriptions and upload more images to their photo gallery to ensure they stay ahead of competitors.

We caught up with Jon from Get Wet to find out what they really think of BookingLive...

"We've been working with BookingLive for about 4 years now and they've always been good at what they do. In fact we haven't had any problems so far! Development is always delivered on time, if there ever are delays it's on our side so BookingLive are very patient in terms of waiting.

In regards to our BookingLive website I'm happy with the finished article right now, it is something we can edit and change easily and quickly - it’s exactly what we currently need. We very much appreciate BookingLive for going out of their normal working systems to help us with our business. We hope one day, when time and money permits us, to be completely in tune with what BookingLive is capable of.

I’m truly very grateful to have gotten off the plane from California and rushed to a meeting in Bristol to meet BookingLive all those years ago. We’ll continue to support BookingLive throughout their future like they do us."




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