An extra addition to our Booking Software

Facebook is a great way to connect with customers, and we've just made it easier with our online Facebook app which allows customers to make bookings, check availability and automatically displaying all activities, categories and locations through social networking. All with easy and simple steps! It’s proven to work great for our clients London Kayaking Tours and London Baby swim.

“Increased visibility is attracting more interest, increasing our conversions and thus, more sales.”

The app is simple to use with a step by step guide to sync your Online booking system with your Facebook page. Allowing customers to check availability and prompt bookings all from within your Facebook page, making use of social marketing/commerce.







F-commerce has been known to work better for smaller local companies as can be asignificant part of companies marketing, sales and relationship building, as creates a community for local businesses.

Many leisure tourism areas can be hugely impacted through word of the mouth; therefore Facebook can be a large advantage. If one person posts about going to London kayaking and is positive comments and tags their friends, then all their friends will be able to see too. Creating a word of the mouth spiral! If you provide a good product and service, people will chat about you to their friends which perhaps are the most valuable marketing tool there is, as word-of-mouth recommendation is always trusted. Supporting Wikipedia’s theory of the social commerce the six C’s; content, community, commerce, context, connection and conversation.

To find out what else we can do for your Facebook, please give us a call on  0117 933 8632 or visit for more information.