BookingLive's Online Booking Process From A Customer's Perspective

Ever wondered how BookingLive's online booking process looks to your customers? As each online booking process is slightly different it's difficult for us to show you exactly how yours will look, but we're here to give you some helpful screenshots and descriptions! As BookingLive systems are fully customisable, from colour choices to images, we recommended looking at the screenshots below as blank canvases. The only feature which remains the same across BookingLive systems is that all online booking processes have 5-steps.

The online booking process is at the core of all our BookingLive systems. We've designed our software with the customer in mind, which is why we strive to provide the ultimate user experience.

Activity Lists

Let's start at the beginning: the activity list. Depending upon which package you choose your customers will either see this as a BookingLive webpage, incorporated into your existing website, or on a website created for you by BookingLive.

You have the option of including an availability calendar and other features such as social media links and weather updates! Pretty much everything you see can be modified, including the description below each activity, the drop-down options and button colours.


Individual Activity Pages

All BookingLive users have the option of creating a page for each activity. In this example these can be found by clicking the "more info" buttons as shown above. On these pages you can include tab displays, as shown in the screenshot below. BookingLive also comes with a variety of optional sidebar widgets, such as an availability calendar and newsletter sign-up links.


The 5-step Online Booking Process

Below you will find a list of the 5-step online booking process, along with relevant screenshots. Again each of these stages can be customised, although there are less options here due to the standardised 5-step process.

Step 1: "Choose Activity"


Step 2: "Your Basket"


Step 3: "Your Details"


Step 4: "Checkout"


Step 5: "Confirmation"


Like the look of BookingLive's highly adaptive and flexible online booking process? Then get in touch! More information about our plans and pricing can be found here. If you're an existing client and you're looking to personalise your BookingLive online booking process check out our online user manual or contact us today.