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BookingLive and COVID-19: A Message from Vinnie Morgan, BookingLive CEO

March 17, 2020

With the rapidly evolving status of COVID-19, we at BookingLive know that there is increasing uncertainty in both your personal and professional lives. Due to this I wanted to reach out personally and let you know what actions we are taking to ensure smooth operations and non-impacted continuity and quality of service. Our personnel are following all government guidelines regarding social distancing and effective hygiene management.

Increased Hygiene and Advice: As part of our protocols, our offices have heightened their cleaning and disinfecting procedures to maintain a healthy environment for our staff. They have also been equipped with recommended procedures to follow if their community, or someone from their locality, becomes impacted by the virus.

Remote Working: All staff across all our office locations (UK and US) have been encouraged to work from home. BookingLive is designed to operate at maximum efficiency on a remote working basis (many of our staff already work remotely). This action we envision will have no impact on operational efficiency.

Uninterrupted Service: Rest assured, all our clients will continue to receive full access to the booking platforms, along with the same level of service from our Customer Success and support teams. We operate a highly redundant infrastructure platform spread out across multiple Availability Zones and our infrastructure is monitored and closely watched 24/7.

Travel Restrictions: We are cancelling all work-related travel and advising strongly against any unnecessary personal travel.

On behalf of the entire BookingLive team, we are here for you and take care.

Vinnie Morgan

CEO, BookingLive