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Booking Software E-marketing Top Tips

June 12, 2015

Email is a core form of communication, and, if used wisely and consistently, email marketing will result in a better response from your customers providing feedback, increased interest, and ultimately more business.

Our online booking systems integrate with Constant Contact, MailChimp and more – so you can use their resources to help with the many common mistakes that a business owner may make.


Mailchimp + Booking Software Integration


MailChimp helps to design email newsletters and we use Mailchimp to share information on social networks, integrate with services we already use, and track our results.

With a super quick set-up, BookingLive enables all of MailChimp’s features and resources at your fingertips; meaning you are able to measure performance, traffic and even utilise their AI-powered Creative Assistant to generate custom designs for you in seconds.


You can find further e-marketing top tips from MailChimp HERE. 


BookingLive: Small Business PAYG Online Scheduling & Booking Automation


We are supporting thousands of small business owners across 74+ countries with PAYG online booking automation systems. With your free account you can set up your products and services in under 5 mins and have your bookable items live and ready for customers to purchase 24/7 on any device from anywhere. If you want to take payments through your online booking & scheduling system it is charged PAYG meaning that a small percentage is charged per sale made.




This flexible risk-free solution provides small business owners with an industry-leading customer experience, automation of administration tasks, automated payment handling and it doesn’t cost anything until you make a sale.