Email is one of our core ways of communication, this article we will provide tips and ideas that, if used wisely and consistently, will result in a better response from your customers providing feedback, more interest, or even more business. Our online booking system already integrates with Constant Contact, Interspire and MailChimp - you can use its resources to help with the many common mistakes that a rookie may make.

Mailchimp / Booking Software Integration

MailChimp helps to design email newsletters and our booking system uses Mailchimp to share information on social networks, integrate with services we already use, and track our results.

With a quick set-up so much as a tick of a box BookingLive enables all of MailChimp's features and resources at your fingertips, some of the features that MailChimp offers include measuring performance, traffic etc.

Mailchimp newsletter intergration

MailChimp newsletter integration within BookingLive

You can find further booking software E-marketing top tips from MailChimp's field guide and for more information on how BookingLive integrates with Mailchimp you can follow this article. For more information on our online booking system please email us your enquiry.