Booking Software Cheat Sheet: Products

As part of our continued improvement, we have recently introduced a nifty little Online Booking Software feature which we have named Required Resource Products. This booking software feature provides you with the ability to set up requirements within the booking journey. Your customers must meet these requirements through the purchase of an additional resource during the booking process. For example if you are running a motorbike tour, you can set a selection of motorbikes up as Required Resource Products so customers have to pick one in order to complete their booking (see image below).

The above examples displays how Required Resource Products will appear to customers during the booking process. As you can see, the Required Resource Products in this example are different motorbike models and they appear under the prompt 'Please select one of...'.

What are the Benefits of Required Resource Products?

Required Resource Products enable you to keep track of what resources are needed for specific bookings. BookingLive software removes any chances of human error and significantly cuts back on admin time spent on tasks such as resource tracking and assignment. It also provides customers with the ability to make their own selections without feeling pressured, significantly improving the customer experience.

Additionally, Required Resource products can be set so they don't have a cost associated with them. This is useful if you provide free resources with certain bookings. For example if the hire charge of helmets is included within your bike tour package, you can set this up as free Required Resource Products.

How to Set Up Required Resource Products

  1. Log in to your admin system

  2. Open Admin

  3. Select Product Required Resource from the dropdown

  4. Click "Add Product Required Resource"

  5. Input a name, price and resource into the relevant fields

Online Booking System Products

If you are having difficulty setting up Required Resource Products, please refer to the Online Forums or Helpdesk depending upon your support package.

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