Activity Club Booking System

BookingLive software's latest online booking system feature is great for a range of businesses. However this is especially useful for activity centres. With BookingLive it has always been possible to set-up multiple products. From a trampoline session to a meeting room, but now it is possible to set up multiple products and assign them to specific groups. Making it really useful to those who are wanting to use our system for an Activity Club Booking System.

Activity Club Booking System


How does it work?

An example of this would be an activity centre who offers multiple activities. This includes activities such as archery, paintballing, climbing and cycling. BookingLive users can simply set up their activities as products. This will then enable you to assign them to the same group e.g. 'outdoor activities'. Each of these can then be displayed on the same website page during the booking journey. Helping customer book on to more than one of the activities available.

By setting up your BookingLive system in this way, you will save your customers the hassle. Usually you would be having to repeatedly open website pages and click back to add activities to their basket.


How many products can be set-up?

In terms of how many products you can set-up, there is no limit and you can have as many as required within the same group. The products can also be displayed as morning sessions, afternoon sessions, or a mixture of both. If you choose to display only morning or only afternoon sessions, you can display as many as you like on your website. If you are looking to set up a mixture of both, please note that you can only display a maximum of two per day.

BookingLive software comes with a whole host of other great features which are perfect for activity centres, as well as other businesses.

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