Why Activity Businesses Need Online Booking Software in 2016

With external desktop software swiftly dying out, and the rapid introduction of a new breed of solid cloud based utilities. With external desktop software swiftly dying out, and an introduction of a new solid cloud based utility. It's no wonder why activities or sports business are taking a huge leap forward to gain a huge new client base with a completely Online Booking Software that can plug directly into existing websites. Online Booking Software for Activities such as BookingLive can provide many different features. Such as a wholesome, easy to use, stable experience for the customer or potential customer as well offering a whole host of information and features to contact clients for the business itself. "Customers are wholly understanding with what they're viewing with BookingLive, we are 100% reliant on information they provide". - Rob Webber - Clifton College.

Online Booking Software for Activities


More Features

Another vital feature, of some online booking software, is the ability to brand and personalise to suit the businesses needs. Leaving the business's website looking solid, consistent and professional, thanks to abilities to recolour, re-brand and re scale features of the booking system. "The booking system needs to look right for our customers, also the best thing about BookingLive is that we were able to tailor make it" - Jo Taylor, Head of Education - Bristol European Green Capital 2016.

Naturally, gone are the days where calendars and contacts must all be kept on one device. Online booking software offer forward thinking cloud based systems. Which means businesses are only a browser and a password away from gaining all the vital contacts, appointments and bookings needed to stay organised and provide a sublime customer service. Although unavailable on all software packages, BookingLive offers clean, easy communication abilities from business to clients or potential clients. Whether clients need knowing of a brand new offer or advancement or an unfortunate cancellation. Also you are able to send out SMS and emails right away. This will keep customers on track and create a wholesome and solid identity to your business. Thanks to the online services offered by web based booking software this year.

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