Manage and improve customer relationships with Salesforce CRM

The World's Largest CRM

Salesforce CRM provides CRM software applications as a pay-as-you-go service over the internet. Perfect for integrating with our booking software and booking courses, activities, tours, or other scheduled/time-based events. Using our BookingLive booking system application with Salesforce to manage your sales team, track customer data and delivering a better service can help you grow your business and increase online sales.

BookingLive can work together with Salesforce to help you connect with your customers efficiently.

Integrate BookingLive with a global CRM

Safe and secure

Providing assurance with the highest level of security

Stay up to date

You don’t have to install software, both Salesforce’s and BookingLive’s upgrades are automatic

24/7 global appointments

Salesforce displays your real-time availability online, in your customers’ time zone


How long does it take to integrate Salesforce?
Once you have setup your Salesforce account contact your booking app account manager to configure the setup. Alternatively you can access this in the booking app yourself.
How much does Salesforce cost?
The package you go for totally depends on your requirements. Salesforce offers a free trial.
What does a CRM system provide?
A CRM system offers a clear overview of customer activity, and then presents that information in the form of a customisable dashboard.
I'm new to Salesforce! Is there support?
Yes, there is a comprehensive support centre on the Salesforce website.