Manage your accounting with Xero accounting and BookingLive online booking software

Safe & Secure Payments


Xero is a piece of online accounting software designed predominantly for small businesses to give an up-to-date feed of finances. BookingLive and Xero work together to automatically push your customer’s information and booking details into the platform for clear visibility of financial history.

Integrate BookingLive with world leading accounting software


Xero imports and categorizes your latest bank transactions

To the minute updates

Log in from any device to get a real-time view of your cash flow

Use around the world

Xero will allow your business to support payments in a range of currencies


How much does Xero cost?
Xero packages start from just £10 a month. If you want to try the platform out first, you can also get a 30 day free trial.
Can I file my VAT return on Xero?
Yes, you can file your VAT return on Xero. Xero calculates VAT, prepares and files returns securely with HMRC using software that’s compatible with HMRC systems.
Does the booking app store customer's payment card details?
No, BookingLive does not store any customer payment card details on our servers. Only Xero will store this information.
Can you accept multiple currencies?
Yes. The booking app can be configured for multiple currencies and languages.