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Joomla is a CMS designed to keep track of your website’s content. It requires little to no technical skill or knowledge to manage and is also super easy to install and set-up. BookingLive integrates with Joomla so that you can build your perfect website.


Combine BookingLive’s website design solutions and Joomla integration

Content management

Its simplified three tiered system of articles makes organising your content simple


There are also thousands of high quality templates available on Joomla, a great number of which are free


Joomla offers external template frameworks or you can create your own. The only limit is your imagination


How long does it take to integrate Joomla?
Integrating Joomla is a straightforward process. Set up a Joomla account and then simply contact your BookingLive account manager. They will be on-hand to configure the setup for you. Alternatively, you can access this yourself within the booking app yourself.
How much does Joomla cost?
Joomla is free forever under General Public License.
Is there support?
Yes, you will receive support with Joomla. It offers an integrated help system, a form and professional service providers to help you build, maintain and manage your Joomla website.
Can you accept multiple lanuages?
We can. Joomla offers a language manager to allow multiple languages to be displayed on your website.