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Drupal is a software package that allows you to easily organise, manage, and publish your website content, with an endless variety of customisation. Drupal is an open-source platform for building amazing digital experiences. It’s made by a dedicated community and is free to use.

Combine BookingLive’s website design solutions and Drupal integration

Content management

Manage your content with an easy to use web interface which can handle videos, texts, blogs, podcasts, polls and real-time statistics


Get involved in Drupal’s powerful and international support community


Build everything from personalised blogs to enterprise applications with thousands of add-on modules and designs


How long does it take to integrate Drupal?
Once you have setup your Drupal account contact your booking app account manager to configure the setup. Alternatively you can access this in the booking app yourself.
How much does Drupal cost?
Drupal is free to use.
I'm new to this! Is Drupal right for me?
Drupal hosts a number of global training days and the Drupal community has curated expert documentation to help you get started.
Does it work with multiple languages?
Yes. The booking app can be configured for multiple languages.