Online dental appointment system

Nurture existing patients and attract new ones by improving your booking journey with an online dental appointment system. BookingLive’s digital solution will transform the operations of your dental clinic, so why not give it a try?

Features of the dental appointment scheduling software

Booking Scheduling System

Free Customer Booking URL

Patients can use the free online booking page to schedule their appointment. The URL can be accessed 24/7 from any location, on any device.

Integrated Payments

Use our pre-integrated Stripe payment gateway to process payments for check-ups and treatments.

Booking Scheduling System

Automated Email Reminders

Avoid no-shows with automated email reminders 2 and 24 hours before the appointment. BookingLive ensures patients arrive at your dental clinic on time.

Dental Appointment Scheduling Software

Online dental appointment scheduling for dental clinics


Manage all of your dental appointments with BookingLive. Dentists, dental nurses and admin staff can post different appointment types, from routine check-ups to hygienist sessions, and update availability in real time – offering the ultimate convenience to your patients.


The dental appointment scheduling software features automated calendar management, so it’s straightforward to set appointment dates and times for patients to explore. Make sure that your staff aren’t stretched with the BookingLive’s automated capacity control.


Online dental appointment system integrations


Our online dental appointment system can be tailored to your dental clinic. With over 3000 integrations on offer, you can create the ideal booking app for your patients and staff. From CRM and marketing integrations to the calendar and social media integrations, BookingLive have it covered.



Manage staff resources to provide the best service


Online dental appointment scheduling will keep your staff in sync. The booking app can be used to monitor dental resources so that you never fall short. When you bring BookingLive on board, you can be confident in providing the best service every single time.


Out with the old spreadsheets, in with the new dental appointment scheduling software! There’s no need to flick through multiple spreadsheets anymore. With our booking app, information is presented on one sleek dashboard. The system is updated in real-time so you can have reliable data at the tips of your fingers. 


Save admin time, grow your dental clinic

Save admin time, grow your dental clinic


With online dental appointment scheduling, you can wave goodbye to tedious admin tasks. BookingLive can automate duties such as sending patient emails, digital capture forms and check-up appointment reminders. This gives you time to focus on strategies to grow your dental clinic.


Google FREE Online Booking System & Scheduling Software

Calendar Integration


Online dental appointment scheduling has never been so simple. Whether your dentists, dental nurses, admin staff and patients prefer to use Google Calendar, Apple Calendar or Outlook, they can all be connected to the booking app via Zapier. The integration allows any amendments to upcoming appointments to automatically update across calendars.


Zoom FREE Online Booking System & Scheduling Software

Google My Business integration


One of our favourite integrations for dental clinics is the Google My Business integration. Combine this integration with your dental appointment scheduling software to provide your patient with a seamless journey; clients can book treatments straight from your Google My Business profile. This integration is also an easy but effective way to boost engagement. Share new dental products and reply to reviews all within the online dental appointment system. 



Stripe FREE Online Booking System & Scheduling Software

Payment Gateway Integrated


The dental appointment scheduling software is integrated with Stripe so patients can pay for their treatments during the booking process. Not only does this lower admin time on the day of the appointment, but this process is proven to reduce no-shows. A benefit that’s particularly important for dental clinics.


Only pay for what you need with our tiered pricing based on your booking volume. See our pricing for more information.