Microsoft supports startup communities to grow, build and connect. With their ‘Microsoft for Startups’ programme, they offer free workshops all around the world with the objective of helping startup companies to increase their customer base and revenue streams, whilst improving lives inside and outside of work. Microsoft was looking for a scalable and bespoke solution that would help them to take bookings and reservations in a user-friendly and GDPR compliant way.


Project overview


Large Enterprise training, courses and events. BookingLive became a preferred supplier to Microsoft

System Go Live Dates

This system went live September 2018, being used globally across Microsoft’s regions

Multi Device Platform

This system enables users to book anywhere, from any device

Microsoft Booking Solution

Challenges and Needs


  • Organising workshops was a very painful process for Microsoft, forcing organisers to use manual and slow methods such as email bookings
  • They needed to create an efficient, client-facing and GDPR compliant booking process which would generate as few clicks as possible for the end-user
  • They needed a highly customisable solution which would work globally, catering to different locations, cultures and time zones.

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Outcome After Using BookingLive


  • BookingLive created a simple yet powerful booking system, enabling event organisers to advertise workshops, take bookings, email participants and produce GDPR compliant reports
  • Since the go-live in September 2018, the BookingLive system has helped Microsoft to increase the number of participants exponentially – Rising from an average of 50 to 265 participants per event
  • A mutually beneficial partnership that goes beyond a standard supplier/client relationship, encompassing optimal support and professionalism as a preferred supplier.


4 Step Implementation Process

Microsoft Booking Solution

Multi-Device Platform


Naturally, Microsoft’s users expect a truly multi-device platform designed for the highest quality customer experiences. This is why Microsoft choose to work with BookingLive.




“Before discovering BookingLive it was extremely hard for us to compliantly manage bookings for events, socials and meetups. BookingLive has taken all that pain away from this process by providing a fully scalable, bespoke, GDPR compliant, online booking solution. The BookingLive team are very professional and they ensured that the end-to-end process of procurement-to-live ran smoothly and that all deadlines were met.  We are now looking to make some enhancements to the solutions and feel confident that this will be painless and delivered to spec. I would thoroughly recommend the product and team to any organisation looking for a booking solution”


Johnny Gorman – Head of Operations for Microsoft 


Next Steps

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