First Intuition Case Study

First Intuition is an award-winning training provider which delivers a range of classroom and online accounting exams through a network of study centres across the UK. Back in May 2017, they were looking for a booking system that will allow their customers to self-manage their bookings

Project overview

Industry - Education

Training & course provider with online exams

System Go Live Dates

First Intuition’s system has been live since October 2017

System Highlights

All manual administrative work has been removed, saving hours every week

Challenges and Needs

  • First Intuition was looking for a booking system which will allow their customers to manage their own bookings and payments through an account.
  • They are looking for ways to reduce the amount of admin work needed in order to manage their bookings.
  • It is currently a long process for a customer to rearrange their exam date – this can be a big inconvenience to them
  • They wanted to take online payments for their bookings, and allow customers to purchase 24/7 and on any device.

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  • BookingLive enables First Intuition’s customers to make bookings 24/7, using any device
  • Using their MyAccount, customers are able to amend any bookings themselves, saving staff time
  • Integrating with one of our payment gateways.

Outcome After Using BookingLive

  • After implementing an online booking system, they were able to improve the way they managed cancellations. Customers were able to go into their MyAccount and make any amendments themselves. This means they are able to instantly alter their exam date without having to wait for office hours or a response from staff members.
  • They were able to remove all manual administration from the process, saving them hours of work each week
  • We were able to integrate their system with SagePay, allowing them to take online payments.

Multi Device Platform

A truly multi device platform designed for the highest quality customer experiences. Allowing your customers the convenience that they expect and demand.

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4 Step Process for Booking System Implementation

Next Steps

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