Online Booking Systems for Councils & Local Authorities

Online Booking Systems for Councils and Local Authorities

Here at Booking Live we understand government bodies often face scrutiny over budgets and regulations, one of the reasons why online booking systems are sometimes overlooked by these local authorities. But this shouldn’t be the case. Online booking systems for councils can seriously improve success, efficiency and profitability across all fields of work.

What can an online booking system for councils do for me?

From extensive research throughout the years we’ve found many local authorities use telephone, mail or online booking enquiry forms, rather than online live availability booking systems. Such methods are time consuming and inefficient, leading to a loss of revenue and frustration for customers. Through use of an online booking system, time spent on administration tasks such as financial reconciliation, customer communications or notifications, reporting and up-selling, decreases significantly – as does human error. Online booking systems for councils also keep data far more secure than paper-based systems.

Local authorities that don’t currently have online booking systems often lose traffic, potential footfall and revenue by signposting customers to other websites. Many provide services such as leisure activities, events and seasonal schemes, so it makes sense they receive the booking and revenue direct. By keeping users on their website, through implementation of an online booking system, local authorities are able to take bookings and full or part payments from one centralised system.

What does the booking system offer?

Booking Live are experienced at working with local authorities and believe our systems are the best fit for their diverse needs. We’re aware of aspects such as VAT regulations, audit trails, data purging – all which take place within the public sector. In fact that’s why we’ve adapted our online booking systems for local authorities so they’re now able to process concession rates, VAT and invoices as standard. Alongside this, Booking Live boasts a whole host of features such as complete business management, comprehensive tracking, reports and excellent account management training tools and support. Booking Live also provide the option of having customers upload documents during the booking process, such as copies of passports, to meet the needs of local authorities requirements. Age verification processes are also at hand because we understand how important these are for councils, especially when working with children.

Here at Booking Live not only do we manage both your business operations and your customers’ bookings but we also make sure you are kept up-to-date. Councils and local authorities often bring to mind negative stereotypes of old-fashioned and outdated organisations. By incorporating a BookingLive system into your organisation or department you can break free of this stereotype and all at cost effective rates within commonly found tender thresholds. Booking Live are even on several local authority frameworks to ensure the procurement and purchase procedures are as smooth as possible.

What key features does the booking system offer?

If you’re worried about how the booking system will work for you, you can rest assured. Our online booking systems for councils can be seamlessly integrated into your current website or served as a sub domain or even better – a website and booking system in 1. This means you’re able to keep your logo, colour scheme and any other details you may have. As Booking Live systems are mobile responsive we often recommend you update your website so it matches the system in terms of responsiveness. Either way, with online booking systems for local authorities you’ll be able to take bookings directly from your website in a way that suits you.

Common uses of Booking Live within local authorities include:

• Pitch Bookings
• Venue & Room Bookings
• Courses & Activities
• Events &Ticket Sales
• Voucher Sales& Redemptions
• Memberships with recurring payments
• Leisure Facilities (halls, courts etc)
• Summer Holiday Schemes
• Online / Mobile / EPOS bookings

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