Optional Extras

Please find below optional extras to purchase with your booking software.

(All prices are excluding VAT)

Slide SMS Text Messages BookingLive can manage your email accounts and DNS settings to configure your MX records for email. Note these are your business email accounts. Which are not associated to sending emails from BookingLive POP3 / IMAP Hosted Email - Per Mailbox Price per year £100 PURCHASE PURCHASE PURCHASE POP3 / IMAP Hosted Email - Per Mailbox Email Services Sent from within your Enterprise system SMS Text Messages With BookingLive you can purchase SMS messages which can be sent to customers in the UK and Ireland. SMS messages are a great way of getting information out to customers quickly, and can reduce no shows through reminders, or last minute venue changes. 1000 Text Messages £100 £700 10,000 Text Messages VPN VPN - Virtual Private Network A VPN allows individuals to send and receive data across both shared and private networks. This is especially useful if you have multiple location and venues, as it enables admin users and staff members to connect to your business's private networks wherever they are. Cost per year £2000 PURCHASE Annual Fee £3000 REQUEST ESCROW services are available from BookingLive upon request, and will give you peace of mind that your Booking software code is stored securely with a trusted third party provider.. Setup and quarterly code deposits ESCROW PURCHASE £700 PURCHASE £100 1,000 Post Code Look ups 10,000 Post Code Look ups Postcode Lookups Postcode lookups within your system. Postcode lookups improve data accuracy and save people time by performing quick address postcode look ups. This provides your users with a great customer experience. SSL Certificate SSL Certificate (https enabled.) SSL certificates give your customers peace of mind and most importantly they are used to encrypt data sent between the booking pages. White Labelled SSL Cost per year £500 PURCHASE PURCHASE £750 £30 EPOS User License per month Onsite installation fee Use BookingLive's electronic point of sale to process orders quickly and easy for walk in customers. EPOS hardware also streamlines membership management and check ins. EPOS Electronic Point of Sale REQUEST £5000 Per year Use BookingLive to setup your own dedicated amazon web server. BookingLive will setup and manage this process for you. AWS Dedicated Amazon Web Server Setup Fee £2000

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