Sagepay Payment Gateway Setup


BookingLive integrates with sagepay allowing you to process online payments.

There are three steps for connecting your SagePay account with your Online Booking System.

  1. Logging into MySagePay to validate the booking systems IP address.
  2. Logging into Bookinglive and entering your account details.
  3. Making a successful test booking and contacting sagepay when test payment is refunded (to switch LIVE). 

Login to SagePay

You'll need to have access to both your test and live sagepay accounts (these accounts are included on every SagePay account).

  1. Login to to your sagepay accounts at:
  2. Go to VALID IPS
  3. Click the ADD button
  4. Enter the server ip address that your booking system is installed on:
    This can be found by typing in the booking system URL in to the search bar on this site by entering your booking systems address in the example search box:
    Note: Ensure that the server ip address is added to both your TEST and LIVE accounts.

Installing SagePay on your system:

After you have completed the above steps and validated the booking systems server ip address on both your TEST and LIVE sagepay accounts - you can create your payment settings in your Booking System.

  3. Enter Names (Customer/Admin), Select SAGEPAY as the TYPE, Select TEST.
  4. Click SAVE.
  5. Once you've saved, re-open the Payment Setting again to enter your VENDOR NAME and VENDOR CODE PREFIX (same as each other).
    Note: These need to be entered in lowercase.
  6. Repeat this process again for a MOTO SagePay Setting (if you intend on taking online bookings on behalf of customers also)

Note: For MOTO accounts, you need a e-merchant account number setup and need to have given this to SagePay.


Going Live with SagePay 

Note: your live account can only be activated:

  1. Process a test transaction - through your website using the Sage Pay test card numbers
  2. Perform a refund - before you can go Live you must refund one of your successful test transactions
  3. Going Live - As soon as your testing is complete and your acquiring bank has confirmed your Merchant ID, your account will automatically be set to Live. We'll let you know when this has happened. You will then need to direct your website from the Test server to our Live server.
  4. Login to My Sage Pay (Live) - using your original admin password. You'll only be able to access the Live portal once your Merchant ID is confirmed.
  5. Test your Live account - perform a transaction via your website using a real card
  6. Live Refund - Perform a refund as you did in your test, you are now ready to start accepting payments from your customers - congratulations!
  7. Finally - return to ADMIN > CONFIG > COMPANY INFO PAYMENT SETTINGS - and change your Sagepay settings to LIVE.

We hope that all of this went smoothly. Of course if you need any help, Sagepay's support team are available anytime on: 0845 111 44 55 or by email at 


 Trouble Shooting

Issue: After the billing page you are left hanging on the black screen with the URL
Solution: Make sure have activated you sage pay account to live, as if it has not been set to live by sage pay this will happen. This screen happens when sage pay rejects the request from the booking system so it most likely a sage pay set up issue.