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Council Online Booking and Digital Transformation Report

January 28, 2020

Here you will find the Charnwood Borough Council Digital Transformation Report. The focus of the project was on citizen engagement and online booking. After BookingLive implemented an online scheduling system and appointment solution, Charnwood Council has continued to benefit from amazing results.

Key Findings

We will now present the main results of the report. The findings of this project relate to key digital transformation success indicators; these indicators are easily translated across numerous government organisations around the world that use BookingLive.

Council Internal Reporting

  • 88% of all new activity bookings and sign-ups for the Wild Card (WC) scheme membership were made online. Over time, this has risen to 93% across subsequent programmes
  • 67% hike in Wild Card members
  • 68% decrease in phone calls
  • 50% fewer administrative tasks are required and this number continues to rise
  • 29 hours of resources are no longer required from the Council’s Contact Centre (CC) advisors – allowing these members to focus their time elsewhere
  • Using the BL app, customers can easily access and update their personal and booking information in real-time
  • A robust and complete database of all Wild Card members are updated in real-time
  • Reduction in the potential for error
  • Costs savings have been made to both customers and the authority – stationery and postage costs have been slashed

A stand-out result to mention is that one customer booked 28 separate activities in one transaction during the summer programme. They made this transaction in 30 minutes and out of standard office hours. Without the help from the booking software, this would have previously taken one officer most of the day and several contacts with the customer.

Customer Survey Results

We conducted a customer survey to gather feedback on customer’s experience with the new booking system. The statistics below summarise their views.

  • 85% were satisfied or very satisfied with the new system
  • 91% of responses to the survey stated that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the ease of booking
  • No one was dissatisfied
  • 88% of people rated the service as good or above

Further analysis found a 104% increase in relevant web page hits.

After the success of BookingLive’s solution, the council leisure team have now implemented our appointment booking and scheduling tool to promote their offering to their audience and increase uptake.

Digital Transformation Project Detail

Project Overview

The aim of the project was to implement a new corporate booking system. This software solution would allow both customers and local people to book/schedule various activities online via the Charnwood Borough Council (CBC) scheduling website. Some of CBC’s main offerings include the Active Charnwood holiday programme (HAP) activities and Wild Card (WC) scheme memberships.

Project Requirements and The Solution

At the start of the project, we evaluated the current process that the council had in place. Every customer booking was made via telephone during normal business hours. This manual method was taxing on the administration team; they relied on basic spreadsheets and wall charts to monitor bookings. In addition, the team were carrying out manual cost calculations which can take up unnecessary time. Customers were receiving their booking confirmations, instructions and guidance via post which resulted in a delay in communication.

In terms of the Wild Card scheme memberships, the majority of purchases were made via telephone. There was an option for customers to buy membership from the locally owned but privately run leisure centres. However, the process was still very paper-heavy as customers completed paper application forms and received paper membership documents in the post.

When forms were completed at a leisure centre, the paper had to be physically collected or brought to the leisure team to check. After this, the form was sent to the CC team to manually input the information into Lagan. Payments to the council were paid over in bulk at an agreed time within the financial year – leading to checks required to balance the books etc.

For numerous reasons, the council were not using related CRM scripts. Due to this lack of structure, any service/process knowledge depended on the experience of the individual officer. As all of the systems were manual, there was a strong reliance on staff members to remember and juggle many tasks at hand.

Other processes that were missing include renewal processes and there was no robust database of members. It was also apparent that Wild Card members were dropping off.

As a result of the above, processes were lengthy for internal and external customers. The systems were open to error and difficult to accurately understand. In particular, the WC membership was suffering in terms of volumes of sign-ups. From evaluating the customer base and gaining client insight, it was clear that the council’s audience would openly welcome an online booking option.

To benefit both staff and customers, it was clear that an online solution was essential. A process redesign would also meet the council’s corporate vision, priorities and values.

A procurement exercise was undertaken to purchase a corporate online booking system. We at BookingLive were successful in bidding for the contract.

Charnwood Borough Council’s new online booking system was successfully delivered by BookingLive. The new system went live on 1st April 2019 at 8.00 am and a booking for multiple activities was made at 8.27 am that same day.

The journey of booking and buying Wild Card membership is completely electronic – from start to finish – regardless of the channel that the customer used to access the service. Each customer receives instant notifications and can access all of their personal and booking information via their BookingLive account.

Another benefit of the new booking system is that customers can access the service and any information they need 24/7, 365 days per year.

Find Out More

Find out more about BookingLive’s scheduling system and its partnership with organisations going through digital transformation, and how BookingLive can bring its 10+ years of successfully servicing the public sector to support you with your department’s digital goals, please contact us via email, or call +1 (0)117 933 8632 to speak with one of our public sector solutions specialists.

To see a live demonstration of this booking software solution above and others click the link below.