Cambridgeshire County Council provides their residents with household recycling centres. Due to COVID-19, all of the recycling centres were temporarily closed whilst safety measures were put in place. When the site reopened, the council had to deal with high levels of demand. As a result of this increased traffic, they had to implement traffic management measures to maintain traffic flow. However, this measure was expensive and site users experienced long wait times. This had a knock-on effect and caused disruption to traffic on neighbouring roads.

Project Overview



Public Sector – Waste & Recycling Centre Scheduling Solutions


Project Completion – This system went live in May 2020


Project Completion Time

Three Days – Expedited Project To Meet COVID19 Needs

Waste & Recycling Booking Solution8

Challenges and Needs

  • The biggest need that must be addressed was to reduce site user waiting times and minimise the traffic disruption to neighbouring roads.
  • We at BookingLive implemented a booking system that was simple to use by both customers and council staff members.
  • The biggest challenge of this project was the short timescale. The booking system needed to be set up for use in three days.

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Scheduling System Outcomes

  • The outcome of this project was that the tight deadline of three days was met by BookingLive. The team at BookingLive guided the introduction of the booking system and were on hand to help the staff from Cambridgeshire County Council.
  • Initially, the booking software only managed the traffic flow of certain vehicles with permits to enter sites. This offering was soon extended to all types of vehicles at three local sites that previously experienced the greatest disruption.
  • Due to the success of the traffic management at these sites, the system was quickly extended to an additional two sites in the area.

Waste & Recycling Booking Solution2

  • Since the online booking system went live, the Cambridgeshire County Council have made large financial savings. This is because they can now scale back traffic management operations.
  • The system has allowed vehicles to drive straight into the recycling centres as waiting times have improved from up to an hour to less than 5 minutes.
  • Local traffic disruptions have been virtually eliminated and as a result, complaints have reduced massively.

4 Step Implementation Process

Waste & Recycling Booking Solution6

Multi-Device Platform

Users expect a multi-device platform designed for the highest quality customer experiences, with the ability to book from anywhere. With BookingLive’s system, Cambridgeshire County Council is able to offer their citizens an admin free, multi-device experience with access to schedule its services 24/7. 

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“I was truly impressed with the level of support that we received from Booking Live. We were allocated our own Project Manager to support us through the initial implementation phase. He was always available and highly responsive, nothing was ever too much trouble and the few problems we did experience were quickly resolved. After the first month we were directed towards BookingLive’s helpdesk to resolve issues and have continued to receive the same high level of support.”

“The system itself is very logical, and simple to use. It is easy to adapt to changing requirements. I made a point of speaking to site visitors about their experiences of making bookings, and the universal response was that the system was clear and easy to use.”

“I have been highly impressed by the booking system and support provided by Booking Live, and based on my experiences would recommend the company to anyone with similar requirements.”

Dave White, Strategic Projects Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council

Next Steps

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