Build your website with WordPress

The World's Most Popular Website Builder

Take advantage of our online booking system and integrations by combining BookingLive with the world’s most popular news and blogging platform, WordPress. 41% of the web is built on WordPress and BookingLive’s booking system integrates with WordPress to allow your customers to make a booking without leaving your website. As part of our service, we can install, manage and design your WordPress system to match your website booking system.

Embed our online booking software onto your existing website, including WordPress sites, or let us create a custom website and booking system for you. Econsultancy describes WordPress as “one of the most popular and versatile content management systems (CMS) available” – it’s one of the best website solutions around. Improve your business’ efficiency and boost profits when you combine WordPress with BookingLive’s online booking system.

Combine the power of WordPress with a fully integrated booking engine

Bookable services 24/7

Missed phone calls will become a thing of the past! Your customers can book any time of the day or night through your website.

Streamline the experience

Adopt the same themes, fonts and colours as your website booking system.

Content creation

Update or add to your WordPress blog, which will automatically update the feeds on your website.


Do I need to hire a developer to build my website?
No, WordPress allows you to build your website simply, with no coding.
How much does WordPress cost?
The level of software you go for totally depends on your requirements. Plans start from as little as £3 a month.
Can I add my own pictures?
Yes. Drag-and‑drop images into posts and pages.
Does it work with multiple languages?
Yes. WordPress and the booking app can be configured for multiple languages.