Address lookup and form validation with Postcoder

The Most Reliable Address Lookup Software

Postcoder, from Allies Computing, provides effective and easy to use address look-up software for both online and offline applications. This software is backed up by exceptional support and service. Whether you are a developer wanting to build your own applications, or you are looking for a ready to use package, Postcoder have every address solution you’ll need. Postcoder online address lookup software, integrates seamlessly with BookingLive so your customers can find their addresses by inputting their postcode rather than having to manually input their entire address during the booking process.

Integrate BookingLive with address lookup API

Customer ease

Reduce address typing time by up to 80%

Email validation

Confirm and correct email addresses with one click

Mobile validation

Confirm mobile phone numbers are valid and connected to a network


How long does it take to integrate Postcoder?
Once you have created your Postcoder account, contact your booking app account manager to configure the setup. Alternatively you can access this in the booking app yourself.
How much does Postcoder cost?
Postcoder is a PAYG service for address lookup, email and mobile vadilation, they also offer a free trial.
Can I look up international addresses?
Yes, Postcoder has a list of supported countries and country codes.
I'm new to Postcoder! Is there support?
Yes, there is a comprehensive support centre on the Postcoder website with phone support.