Take online payments with PayVector Payment Providers

Safe & Secure Payments

PayVector (formally Iridium Corporation) offers a range of electronic payment services for both online and traditional retail transactions. The service integrates directly with your website and internet-based booking system to provide the complete user experience.

Integrate BookingLive with a global payment gateway

Get paid online 24/7

Use your booking app to take secure debit and credit card payments for any online appointment that you schedule. The booking app supports payments on all major debit and credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express)

Fraud protection

The combination of the PayVector gateway and ai’s fraud detection system provides a compelling, integrated solution that will deliver a deeper experience for both merchants and partners

Booking app setup? Get paid with PayVector

If you’re looking to take secure, quick payments and integrate with your booking app, then use PayVector integration


How long does it take to integrate PayVector?
Once you have setup your Stripe account contact your booking app account manager to configure the setup. Alternatively you can access this in the booking app yourself.
How much does PayVector cost?
PayVector’s payment gateway costs $28 per month or $280 per year with a 12-month contract. These charges do not include taxes. This includes 350 transactions per month. Every transaction over that amount is $0.14 each.
Does the booking app store customer's payment card details?
No. Only PayVector will store your customers' credit or debit card info. It is never stored in our servers.
Can you accept multiple currencies?
Yes. The booking app can be configured for multiple currencies and languages.