Manage your diaries with Apple Calendar

Calendar Management

With the Apple Calendar integration, you’re allowing your BookingLive calendar to work with your Apple Calendar, meaning you’ll never let a personal appointment clash with a business booking. BookingLive’s calendar is designed to help you manage all of your businesses bookings, meaning you will have ease in managing your bookings, staff and resources for your business. By allowing your BookingLive and Apple calendars to sync with each other, you will be able to view all your businesses bookings and personal appointments on your Apple Calendar. The real benefit of this integration is that if you have a personal appointment in your Apple Calendar, this will appear as ‘unavailable’ in your BookingLive calendar.

Integrate BookingLive with your calendar

Automatic sync

Your BookingLive and Apple calendars will automatically sync – meaning you’ll never miss an appointment again!

Live updates

Apple Calendar will allow live updates to calendars if there has been a cancellation or change of a booking


The ability to edit notes on appointments in your BookingLive calendar from your Apple Calendar