BookingLive: Online Booking System

Booking System Features

Making your online booking system even better.

Booking System Features

Bring your online booking system to life


Content management System

Content Management System

Control content and design of your website

Fully integrated with your booking system, SilverStripe CMS is the only open source web app to become Microsoft Certified.

Booking Manager

Bookings Manager 

Smart, simplified booking management

Manage bookings, enquiries and scheduling remotely and securely all the time with a powerful set of tools.


Marketing and Promotion

Marketing and Promotion 

Engage with a wider online audience

Effectively communicate your message to your online audience to enhance services and your proposition.

Sales and Enquiries

Sales and Enquiries 

Increase online sales and conversions

Sell more effectively to prospects and existing customers through whichever channels you choose.

User Experience Plus

User Experience Plus + 

Improve user experience for optimum results

Improving user experience will have a great impact on customer acquisition, retention and online booking conversions which in turn increase revenue.

Ressource Control

Resource Control 

Manage your business, not just bookings

Optimise resources such as accommodation and staff management more effectively ensuring high demand, usage and availability.


The above booking reservation modules have been designed to improve the efficiency and management of your business. If you require specific functionality and online reservations software, we would like to hear from you. We can customise and develop booking and reservation systems for a range of requirements including: online hotel booking software, conference room booking systems, event management software and more.

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