BookingLive: Online Booking System


BookingLive is online booking system software used by organisations that require customers to book any type of date or time based event. Browse existing clients.


  • If you were to do every activity sold by client's of BookingLive it would take over 10 years!

  • An average client with BookingLive processes over 500 bookings every month!

  • If you were to post every confirmation email sent automatically by BookingLive it would take more that 30 trees worth of paper and cost half a million pounds in stamps.

  • BookingLive has freed up over 10,000 staff hours that would otherwise be used up taking reservations on the phone.

  • BookingLive has the most flexible commercial online booking software in the world.

  • BookingLive is the only provider of online booking software and website design and CMS in one complete package, ready to go.

  • The average project setup for our booking system is 6 weeks. Can you beat our 2 week record?

  • 91% of people prefer to pay online rather than over the phone.

  • Without Booking Systems, the Bristol Clifton Suspension Brigde would collapse. 

  • People are 50 times more likely to book if they can book online.

  • Before booking systems existed.....nothing happened. 

  • People would rather skip their summer vacation than book it over the phone. 

  • Every month BookingLive sends more emails than there are hairs on your head.

  • Every day Booking Live sends more confirmation emails that there are varieties of mango.


In 2014, we helped our clients take over 120 million customers for activities, courses, eventstours and more. Today it's your turn. 
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One of our booking systems is ideal whether you are large or small, single or multi-location. Whether you take bookings by the hour, day or week. 

And whether you run activities, events, conferences, holidays, classes or courses, or rent accommodation.



Our booking platform have been developed by industry experts and allows our global client base to process online bookings 24/7.

Our business has been rewarded with awards including 'Best Technology' and 'Best Business'.


"We exist to challenge technology. We believe in thinking differently. We develop excellent booking software." - Vinnie Morgan, CEO


Online bookings 24/7
Save time and cut costs
Booking, scheduling and invoicing are quick and accurate with our online booking software.
  Multi Platform
Easy and secure online payments
Includes a reliable trusted payment gateway that makes booking and payment easy for customers.
Business Management
Better communication
Keep in touch with customers- sends SMS and email reminders and integrate with MailChimp.
  Costumer Focus
Maximize profit on voucher deals
Makes it easier and more profitable to manage deals through Groupon, LivingSocial and kgb.
Fully Managed Hosting
Safe, Secure Hosting with Rackspace
Host with Rackspace on one of our dedicated servers or install and host on your own servers.
  Fanatical Support
Award winning Booking System
Takes bookings on your website using BookingLive. Manage calendars and availability with #1 booking system.