Take your studio to the next level with a tattoo booking system

No artist wants to be interrupted by the phone whilst they’re creating their next masterpiece. Use a tattoo booking system to take care of the reception desk. Opting for a tattoo booking app means that you can manage staff and schedule appointments with ease and establish the best tattoo studio in town.

Features of the tattoo studio booking app

Booking Scheduling System

Free Customer Booking URL

All of your appointments are available to book in a few clicks 24/7 on the free online booking page using any device.

Integrated Payments

Pre-integrated Stripe payment gateway allows you to take client payments at checkout.

Booking Scheduling System

Automated Email Reminders

Clients won’t forget about their tattoo appointment again! Automated email reminders 2 and 24 hours before their appointment will ensure your clients show up to your studio on time.

Tattoo appointment scheduling software

Tattoo appointment scheduling software


Manage all of your tattoo appointments in the booking app. Display the different appointment types, from initial design consultations to your client’s first tattoo sitting to offer complete transparency and convenience.


Unplug your telephone and automate your calendar management. It’s easy to set up tattoo sessions for specific dates and times. Automate capacity control on the go with your tattoo appointment scheduling software.


Tattoo booking system integrations


Whatever your scheduling needs may be, our tattoo booking system can meet them with over 3000 integrations to choose from. BookingLive can support you in building the best booking app for your tattoo business.


One of our top picks for tattoo studios is the SurveyMonkey integration. After your client has attended your parlour, BookingLive will automatically send a survey to collect valuable feedback.



Manage staff resources and monitor business performance

Streamline your processes and keep your staff in sync with tattoo appointment scheduling software. Manage resources, staff schedules, session availability and more with ease.


Keep your finances in check when you bring on BookingLive. Monitor the income generated from your tattoo appointments and upsell your tattoo aftercare all within the booking app dashboard.


Become inspired to create new tattoo designs with our automated reports. Our data will help you to understand the different designs your clients are seeking. This can assist your marketing efforts as you aim to attract relevant audiences.

Cut admin costs, grow your tattoo studio

Cut admin costs and grow your tattoo studio

Our tattoo booking system will become your own pocket-sized personal assistant. Save your team from the tedious admin tasks that come with running a business. Our booking app can automate almost everything, giving you more hours in the day to make time for the things that matter.


From sending personalised customer emails, booking notifications and reminders, the booking app has got it covered.

Google FREE Online Booking System & Scheduling Software

Calendar Integration


Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and Outlook can be connected to the tattoo appointment scheduling software via Zapier. This allows both you and your clients to view any updates to the tattoo session on the calendar of your choosing. All updates are made automatically so you can rest assured that all parties are kept in the loop.


Zoom FREE Online Booking System & Scheduling Software

Instagram integration


We know how important Instagram is for artists to showcase their portfolios. Our software can help you to stay on top of your Instagram game whilst boosting bookings. As you add your latest flash tattoo designs into the booking app, the system can automatically post an image of the item on Instagram.



Stripe FREE Online Booking System & Scheduling Software

Payment Gateway Integrated


BookingLive’s tattoo booking system is integrated with Stripe so patients can pay for their appointment during the booking process. Not only does this lower admin time on the day of the appointment, but this process is proven to reduce no-shows. A benefit that’s particularly important for tattoo studios. Only pay for what you need with our tiered pricing based on your booking volume. See our pricing for more information.