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With over 2,000 businesses across 75+ countries using BookingLive, we are able to offer over 3,000 integrations with software such as Google, Zoom and Stripe through our partnership with Zapier.

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Client Examples

Lucky's Play Barn

Lucky’s Play Barn provide children’s soft play sessions, along with a cafe, at their centre in North YorkshireView The System

Tallington Lakes

Tallington Lakes is an outdoor activity centre and shop based in Lincolnshire. They provide bookings for various outdoor activities.View The Facebook Page

Universal Uniform

Universal Uniform provide the ability to book a fitting for the various types of uniform and clothing they have on offer.View The Site

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With BookingLive, you can move all of your booking processes online, with a simple and intuitive setup. Sell availability online, automate bookings and provide a world-class mobile UX for customers. The software has extensive capabilities, whilst maintaining a beautiful and simple user experience.