Streamline your business with Zapier

BookingLive has partnered with Zapier, an app that connects over 3,000 apps to each other, allowing information to be passed between them seamlessly.

In Zapier, you choose your “triggers”, which kick off the automated process between your apps of choice.

To find out more about how Zapier works, you can visit their website here.

Integration Marketplace

How will BookingLive and Zapier benefit your business?

Set up your own CRM

You can seamlessly integrate your booking updates with products like Excel, Outlook, Word, SharePoint and more, enabling streamlined business management.

Keep your finances in check

Set up a trigger to create an invoice in Wave when a new booking has been made through BookingLive.

Set up automated social media posts

Integrating with all popular social media platforms, there’s an extensive amount of automated triggers that can be created. Undoubtedly the most effective form of advertising for a business of any size with a minimal budget.


How much does an online booking system cost?
Only pay for what you need with our tiered pricing based solely on your booking volume. See our pricing page for more information.
How do I get started with an online booking system?
Claim your account by signing up for your relevant tier, complete a simple and fast setup, upload your products and services, choose your availability, and automate your bookings online today.
What is an online appointment system?
An online appointment system allows customers to book through a website or mobile application. The system helps automate your business while improving the customer experience. Online appointment systems give available time slots and organise appointments. They will also send reminders automatically, freeing up admin time for you and your employees.
Is there a free BookingLive booking system?
Yes, Our “Start” tier comes at no monthly cost, with a limit of 25 bookings per month.