Powerful sports & fitness scheduling software

Booking Scheduling System

Free customer booking pages

Using the free online booking page on your website, customers can book onto your fitness classes with ease. Participants can follow booking links through CTAs any time of the day, on multiple devices, from any location.

Booking Scheduling System

Integrated payments

It’s never been easier to take payments! With our Stripe payment gateway integration, customers can pay for their fitness class directly through the booking app. You can also manage your staffing capacity and view available class slots to ensure a seamless experience for both your company and its customers.

Save time and money with automation

Allow the booking platform to automate administrative tasks, capture complex data, process waivers, send fitness class appointment reminders and more.

Manage your attendees & operation in a single dashboard


All of your sports and fitness bookings and participant data in one place. BookingLive offers flexible customer scheduling with up-to-date availability across your classes and sessions. Our platform is designed for on-the-go professionals and a mobile-first interface for easy management. Stay organised with the Daily Agenda calendar view, detailing your bookings, staff, locations and products, helping you plan your team and day ahead. We offer 3k+ integrations, giving you the tools you need to grow.


Sport & Fitness Online Scheduling & Booking Automation

Take control of your sports & fitness bookings
on the go


Embed a booking widget into your website for instant bookings and payments. Offer real-time availability for your sports & fitness services 24/7. Sell gift certificates and vouchers anytime, allowing you to monetise holiday and birthday gift opportunities.

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What features can I expect?

Manage bookings and schedules

The booking system allows you to keep on top of every important detail in your customer’s journey to scheduling a fitness class with you. Monitor appointment history, access email correspondence and keep track of your customer’s activity all in one place.

Oversee availability of staff and resources

Use our calendar tools within the booking system to manage the availability of fitness class rooms, staff hours, resources and more.

Over 50 integrations and plugins

Customise your booking system to suit the needs of your small business. On top of BookingLive’s extensive start-up features, you can choose from over 50 plugins to build the perfect solution for you.

PAYG payment ready

BookingLive for small businesses is partnered with the Stripe payment gateway. If you wish to take payments for your fitness classes, you can do so with ease within the booking app.

Send email notifications

The sophisticated system will automatically send fitness class booking confirmation to your customers via email.

Booking Scheduling System

Sell and redeem gift vouchers

Increase your bookings by exploring alternative ways for your customers to pay for their sports class. Sell and promote gift vouchers through your social media platforms. Any sales made can be tracked through BookingLive’s system so you can monitor the progress of your campaign.

Google FREE Online Booking System & Scheduling Software

Google Calendar integrated


An organised calendar is key for a busy professional. Integrate and automate your calendar management with calendar sync, giving you the information you need whenever you need it.


Zoom FREE Online Booking System & Scheduling Software

Zoom integration


Do you offer Zoom classes and sessions? Connect your Zoom account to your booking system and manage your calendar, automate the zoom setup and grow your business.


Stripe FREE Online Booking System & Scheduling Software

Payment Gateway integration


We have partnered with Stripe to provide you with an industry leading integrated payment gateway. On a PAYG basis the fee is 2.4% +40p per purchase made with card. If a non EU card is used 4.3% +40p is charged.


What do our users say?

Sport & Fitness Online Scheduling & Booking Automation

PAYG with no hidden fees


All businesses see fluctuations in bookings. If you are a small business in the sporting and fitness industry, you may find a surge in bookings for classes in the new year yet still notice that you aren’t reaching capacity for certain class types. We at BookingLive provide the ideal solution for you as you can still maintain your favourite system settings during quiet seasons at no extra charge. No matter the size of your business, you will only have to pay when you make a sale so your business won’t suffer from any hidden fees.


Sport & Fitness Online Scheduling & Booking Automation

Gain more time to grow


Now that the booking platform can take care of all of your administrative tasks, this frees up more time for you to focus on what matters the most to your business. Develop your business and nurture customer relationships whilst BookingLive manages your bookings with ease.