WordPress & Online Bookings With BookingLive

If you currently have a WordPress website or blog you can easily start taking online bookings thanks to BookingLive. The BookingLive development team have created a free WordPress plugin which allows users to:

  • Display real-time availability on your website through customisable booking calendars


  • Take online bookings directly from your website


  • Choose a payment gateway and take payments from your site


  • Update the design and CSS to match your existing WordPress theme


  • Select options such as which currency and customer data you wish to capture


  • Produce extensive reports

WordPress is constantly increasing in popularity and is viewed by many as the most popular and widely used blogging platform in the world. With differing options in terms of customisation and features WordPress is great for all levels of experience. That's why we use it to share posts and updates such as this!

Additional Features 

As part of our services here at BookingLive we'll install, manage and design your WordPress system to match your website booking system. The benefits include:

  • Consistent colour schemes, fonts and themes across your website and booking system


  • Allow customers to view availability of any bookable activities or resources you provide


  • Guide customers through the simple and secure booking process


  • Update your WordPress blog to improve your SEO ranking



How Do I Install the BookingLive WordPress Plugin?

Installation of the plugin is quick and easy. You can have it set up in less than 5 minutes! Just follow our 4 simple steps:

  • Firstly start by going to Wordpress then select "Plugins/Add New". You can then search for "BookingLive" and select the correct plugin. Alternatively, click here to visit BookingLive's plugin page.


  • To activate the plugin visit the "Plugins" menu in the WordPress sidebar


  • Set the URL of your BookingLive account via the plugin settings


  • You can then open a new page in WordPress and select the activity, location or page you wish to display.

Wordpress-Online Booking System


Almost 400 users have successfully downloaded the BookingLive WordPress plugin already so we must be doing something right! Make sure you don't miss our plugin by installing it today. If you have any comments or feedback regarding the plugin please feel free to share it with us. We are always looking to hear how we can improve our services to you.

Please note:

  • Your WordPress page width needs to be minimum 910px wide with no sidebar. If you want to display or hide the BookingLive header and footer please add "HideHeaderAndFooterIfIframe" config in BookingLive.


  • If you run multiple locations please enable "AllowLocationChangeOnBookingPage" config in BookingLive to place a location chooser on the booking page.