Before looking at BookingLive and the user experience - also known as UX - it's important to distinguish between UX and usability. User experience involves how a user feels when using a particular system, such as a website, whereas usability is about how user-friendly a system is. Despite their differences, usability plays a pivotal role in user experience. This post aims to help you understand digital user experiences so you can make sure your customers have the best digital experience possible.

Why Should I Consider User Experience?

By ensuring your website provides a positive user experience you're more likely to grab attention and increase bookings. Customer satisfaction is key to almost all businesses so it makes sense to provide customers with great experiences. When considering user experience it's a good idea to start by envisioning your target market. By designing your user experience with current and potential customers in mind you'll be able to keep those who matter happy. This will increase profit and turnover rates as people are more likely to make repeat bookings if they know there's a great website to come back to. Although it may sound like an expensive addition to your digital presence, investing in user experience is a good idea. The money you're putting into your website's user experience will lead to new business and multiple bookings, generating ROI.

How To Improve The Booking Journey User Experience..

It's easy to improve user experience on your business' website as well as incorporating it when designing a new website. When creating or editing a website consider the times other websites have made you feel confused, angry or even stupid. Then put yourself in the place of your customer. Are they looking to book themselves on to a 60 years+ yoga class? Chances are they may not be all that familiar with technology. Make sure you keep factors such as this in mind and you'll be well on your way to creating the ultimate user experience.

Peter Morville, an information architect, represents user experience in an User Experience Honeycomb. This steams from his idea that user experience is based on a core of how valuable each user experience is. From here he believes it's important to consider how useful, usable, desirable, findable, accessible and credible your website's user experience is going to be. By applying these considerations when creating your UX, you can make sure people keep coming back to your website. More information about the User Experience Honeycomb can be found here.

BookingLive Can Help

Our latest version of online booking software, BookingLive 3, has been created with user experience at its core. Your customers are our priority which is why we've made multiple improvements to their user journey when making a booking. With BookingLive it's not just your customers who benefit from a great user experience. Our simple and efficient admin area means you're able to navigate around the Online Booking System quickly and easily. You can locate bookings via our new calendar sync. This enables you to view all upcoming bookings on your favourite calendar format such as Google calendar. Streamline your user experience with BookingLive by visiting our pricing pages or contacting us today!

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