EPOS Booking Systems

The rise of EPOS Booking Systems, (also known as Electronic Point Of Sale Systems), is used in various business operations. This system offers a wide range of benefits on top of its major role in eCommerce. EPOS Booking Systems covers several business aspects, including storage of relevant customer data and sales computations.

Booking systems are becoming more popular amongst businesses since most customers want to be able to have access to information in real time. Online booking systems make it possible for potential customers to see live any information they need without time and location constraints. Our EPOS System can run on any system using Windows 7 or later, including Windows 8/10 Tablets. One of the greatest things about EPOS is the sheer speed of its setup. Your business could be running our EPOS system with full functionality within minutes provided you use our BookingLive website software. A whole host of account and features can also be implemented such as member cards and accounts!


What Can an EPOS Do For You?

An EPOS is indispensable when you want to update your business systems. It can simplify processes like reporting and tracking, which in turn reduces man hours on administrative function. The EPOS also allows you to monitor your staff more closely because you can use the system to record their activities. You can simply assign each of your staff their own customised timetables. Aside from these benefits, you can also use your EPOS in promos and campaigns, increasing your customer base and revenues.


Choosing an EPOS

Because of our extensive background on EPOS, we are completely aware that deciding whether to acquire it or not can be perplexing. The following are some of the important features to think about when selecting an EPOS provider:

  • Operating speed

  • Reputation and trustworthiness of the provider

  • Registration and check-in process

  • Synchronisation with live availability and bookings


Choosing the Best EPOS

If this article hasn’t convinced you yet to get an EPOS Booking System, then maybe it’s time you talk directly to providers. They would gladly accommodate you and guide you in decision making. However, you have to keep in mind these companies may be a little biased. To get a more impartial information, you can always reach out to other EPOS users. You can also browse review sites or forums where you can see testimonials about a particular company’s EPOS Booking Systems. Another thing you can do is to contact reputable online booking systems like BookingLive, which is an expert in tying up with EPOS providers.



Like any other major business acquisitions, it is important to be well-informed before your purchase, by research. Major considerations include the reliability of the company and the number of years it has been in business. You should also consider the kind of customer support the company provides, which is especially important when you are not familiar with IT work. Lastly, check how often the EPOS System is updated.


EPOS of Choice for BookingLive

BookingLive confidently endorses the EPOS Booking Systems of Star Micronics. Their system is a wonderful combination of flexibility and simplicity. You can enjoy the following benefits from the combination of this EPOS with BookingLive’s software:

  • Process walk-in bookings

  • Take different payment methods

  • Sync your EPOS with employees, products, groups and upsells which are set up on your BookingLive system.

  • Handle cash through a cash drawer

  • Setup different users

  • Setup users with supervisor codes

  • Our EPOS system can be installed on different devices

  • Run end of day reports

  • Float and cash tracking

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