The impact of e-commerce in the leisure industry is striking: in just a few years, on-line technologies have change the sector so much that nowadays these tools such as online bookings are key for businesses to stand out from their competition.

Changes in operating methods are one of the main innovations that e-commerce has brought, these changes mean new strategic relations with Gift Agents in order to maximize the efficiency and improve the approach to clients.

Working with Gift Agents on the Internet is becoming really popular thanks to the great advantages that this strategy involves for sales and its distribution. In this way, selling products or activities with suppliers increases on-line bookings and reaches more customers, as the company use not only its website to sell, but external agents too.

BookingLive lets your company work with Gift agencies and includes a range of advantages:

  • Online voucher redemptions from 3rd party agents

  • Import of voucher code from eg Groupon

  • Voucher prefix rules for days, locations, activities and more from eg Buy a Gift

  • Automated invoicing

  • Upsell or upgrade options for customers

  • Flexible pricing plans for agent bookings

  • Pre-bookable extras and insurance

  • No double bookings

  • Real time manifest / availability updates

  • Email confirmation messages

  • A reduction in overheads

  • Agent access to process their own bookings

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