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  • Cultural transformation vs. digital transformation
  • Industry and real-world insights into what makes great smart city projects, bad projects, and very ugly projects
  • The success trifecta: The Supplier, The City, and The User
  • How to maximise cultural identity to increase project success
  • What to look for in a supplier and what to look out for in a supplier

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    Thousands of public sector organisations across the world have been moving their bookings online. Fill in the form below to understand how an online bookings system could increase customer engagement and enhance processes within your organisation.

    Online Booking System Features

    Course & Class Bookings

    Reduce admin time by automating your course and class booking process.

    Waste & Recycling Facilities

    Reduce fly-tipping and traffic chaos with recycling facility appointment bookings.

    Room Bookings

    Powerful solutions for rooms, venues, recourse and hall bookings.

    Facilities & Space Hire

    Booking software for sports pitch reservations, court hire, indoor athletics hire and more.

    Appointment Scheduling

    Allow your citizens to book appointments such as care home visits online with ease.

    Environment & Open Spaces

    Provide bookable zones for parks, beaches and open spaces.

    Council Online Booking & Digital Transformation Report

    View the Charnwood Borough Council citizen engagement, appointment scheduling, and online booking report. Having put in place a key pivotal system, Charnwood continued to benchmark success and the incredible results that have come out of their project with BookingLive’s Online Booking, Online Scheduling System and Appointment Solution.

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