You may have heard about a recent Shellshock Bash Bug, also known as CVE-2014-6271, that has been known to effect some Linux systems. There have been concerns this bug may be used to remotely take control of systems using Bash, a part of many Linux systems.

As our BookingLive systems are hosted by providers which use these systems, such as Rackspace and UKFast, we've got all the information. Firstly we want to clarify that this bug was not caused by us or our partners, it is a bug linked with a default package provided by most Linux providers. Despite being a concern for many companies the relevant providers have contacted us and we can assure you there's no need to worry. Our servers were not deemed vulnerable, but as an additional precaution we've put patches in place anyway. These updates were seamless and didn't cause any downtime so you shouldn't have encountered any difficulties. As was the case with past security concerns, such as Heartbleed, there's no need to change your online passwords. BookingLive have put the necessary precautions in place and you can continue to use your online booking system without worry.

Although this instance hasn't affected our online booking systems we feel it's important to inform you of all security risks, regardless of whether they cause any damage or not. More information about the bug can be found here and via UKFast's blog pages. Get Safe Online also provides general information about online safety. If you do have any further questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us. We hope you continue to enjoy your BookingLive experience.