Rock & Sun Are Moving Mountains All Over The World With Their Booking System

ROCK & SUN is a UK-based adventure travel company that provides high quality rock climbing experiences worldwide. Established in 2002, Rock & Sun has steadily grown into one of the largest providers of rock climbing holidays and courses to date.

When asked about their greatest challenge, the Director of Rock & Sun - Desiree Verbeek - explains "our greatest challenge is running an internet business with a worldwide client base. Our office employees are 'footloose' (or 'Global Nomads'). They work from the UK, Spain, Thailand and several other countries."

BookingLive software helps Rock & Sun to run their international business seamlessly. "Our employees can access the online booking system as well as the CMS wherever and whenever. Also our clients, living in different parts of the world, have different time zones so they are able to make bookings whenever it suits them thanks to BookingLive software", explains Desiree.

Rock & Sun have successfully set up a business which allows its employees to be Global Nomads which, according to Desiree, is "essential for our type of business, because Directors and Climbing Instructors find themselves working and guiding all over the world".

"We have achieved our successes by putting in a lot of effort and a lot of heart in our business. We pride ourselves on providing high quality climbing instruction and guiding and offering genuine climbing experiences. Without a sound, secure, reliable and user-friendly online booking system and website management tool we would not be able to do what we and our customers appreciate most: having fun and creating a social atmosphere at the crag, villa, restaurant, bar, or whichever dancefloor we find ourselves on!".

Although Desiree wasn't at the company when they were choosing which booking software provider to work with, she says her criteria would be "user-friendly, reliable, safe & secure, time-saving, with friendly & knowledgeable people at the helpdesk - all of which BookingLive meet".

"Basically, BookingLive enables us to: 1) take bookings from all over the world, at any time and 2) reduces our office hours so we can spend more time doing what we want to do and what our core business is, which is giving our customers their unique, safe and fun climbing experiences".

"At the moment the largest part of Rock & Sun's customers are from the UK. Our plan for the future is to attract more people from other countries, such as the Netherlands. Climbing is a very popular sport in the Netherlands, but as it's among the flattest countries in the world, there is no rock to climb anywhere at all. With a growing numbers of indoor climbers we are convinced that Rock & Sun could give them the outdoor climbing experiences that they are looking for. In order to do this, we'll continue to make full use of BookingLive software all over the world!


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